Minecraft applies a 19+ age restriction for players in South Korea

Players are now required to have Xbox Live Accounts!

The popular online legos have often been integrated by teachers in the classrooms. It has been thought that it would help the child to acknowledge many skills. However, in South Korea, an announcement was made which said that Minecraft players are now required to have Xbox Live Accounts. Therefore, it is clear that Minecraft has applied an age restriction of 19 in South Korea. Incidentally, Xbox Live Accounts are available to players aged 19 or more. Players will be required to have an Xbox Live Account to continue their gaming journey. Earlier, the game was recommended for 12 years and up, as rated by South Korea’s Game Rating and Administration Committee. Ultimately, it states that Minecraft will now be an adult-only subject.

South Korea’s Shutdown Law or Cinderella Law

The not-so-happy users are showing their frustration towards the ‘Shutdown Law‘ or ‘Cinderella Law‘. It restricts the children falling under the age of 16 from accessing video games in the time period of midnight to 6 A.M. The laws of the state protect the children from sacrificing their quality sleep.

The main cause of Minecraft being age-restricted is due to the ‘Cinderella Law’, having its origin from back in 2011. An online petition against the law was filed to the presidential office of Cheong Wa Dae. The petition said, calling for the taking back of the law, saying ‘Korea’s game market is at the risk of being the world’s only place where Minecraft is labeled as an adult game‘. As of Sunday morning, it has gained the support of over 15,000 Koreans.

The question arises that how the teens were having the access to the game till now, as the policy of having an Xbox Live Account was introduced back in 2012. It happened after 2014, when Mojang Studios was acquired by Microsoft, accompanying the fact that the players were allowed to get access to the game through their Mojang Studios accounts rather than Xbox Live. 


The Ministry of Gender Equality and Family, who played a major role in the introduction and the ease-going of the Cinderella law, argues that Microsoft is to be held responsible for the same. Even, the Cindrella Law has made many amendments over the years. It would be interesting to see what response will be given by Microsoft over the issue.

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