Minecraft player builds Landmark 81, the tallest building in Vietnam, in the game

A hyper-realistic tower built with impressive detailing

One of the main reasons behind Minecraft’s popularity is the dedicated fan base and their artistic skills which includes filling the block-based world with all manner of structures and creations. It lets the players stretch their creative minds, from ingenious Redstone contraptions to enormous real-life buildings, which has been recently implemented by a fan of the game. Recently an image has been uploaded to the Minecraft subreddit by PomChuBoi, a player with the in-game name pasties243, who has managed to build the tallest building in their home country of Vietnam, Landmark 81.

The real photo of the building has also been shared with the in-game built one which convinced the viewers of how much effort has been implemented by the player in building this, who has successfully managed to do an accurate facsimile of the 1500ft skyscraper labeled as the 17th tallest building in the world.

Impressive in-game detailing in Minecraft makes it look identical to the real tallest building in Vietnam

PomChuBoi did not mention how long it took them to build this, but in the cinematic trailer, they did share that it was done in the creative mode. The impression detailing and the different levels of the tower look identical and real just like the real image. Also not to forget the trees below the massive building which also appears realistic.

Though PomChuBoi did not mention whether they used any shaders or not some people are assuming or having this idea that they might have used the shaders since many players use them to achieve a realistic look of glass, clouds, and water.

The Minecraft community has never failed and in the future will never fail to impress and inspire the world with this type of realistic and detailed build. Each day someone or the other is taking building skill to a next level which surprises everyone.

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