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MIR4 introduces Yiun’s Incense Burner of Hopes event with exciting rewards

Wemade Entertainment‘s masterpiece mobile MMORPG, MIR4, launches its Yiun’s Incense Burner of Hopes event beginning today, ie from December 27th.

MIR4 Yiun’s Incense Burner of Hopes event brings exciting gifts and in-game rewards

The event will start with a Check-in ceremony on Tuesday, December 27th, featuring a variety of gifts. According to the number of days of attendance, players who log in for 14 consecutive days during four weeks will receive fantastic rewards such as Divine Dragon’s Blessing tickets, Legendary and Epic Blue Dragon Statues, and Coffer of Hopes containing Epic Material Treasure Boxes, among others.

Players can win up to two Divine Dragon’s Blessing tickets with the Check-in event. Players can attempt to Combine items with Divine Dragon’s Blessing by choosing one item box of the highest grade that they have previously been unable to combine.

Additionally, Yiun’s Letter of Hopes event will continue through January 9th, Thursday. Monster hunting on the continent of Mir will net players the Letter of Hopes. The letters received from hunting can be exchanged for several goodies, including Divine Dragon’s Enhancement Stones, Legendary Blue Dragon Statues, and Box of Hopes holding various summon tickets, by bringing the letters to the NPC Yiun, who is present in each area’s major cities.

Players can also obtain rewards from the Silhouette event held in the MIR4 community

For two weeks starting on the 27th, there is a 100% possibility that the Dark Crown Prince Wooska will arrive when the legendary level spirit is attained via the Spirit Special Summon. A renowned wind spirit with a focus on physical defense, Dark Crown Prince Wooska is armed with formidable defenses.

The charming new epic water spirit Dark Cloud Dragon Poipoi will be available in-game on Tuesday, January 10. This new spirit effectively lowers skill damage sustained during combat thanks to strong spell resistance.

The Silhouette event is also held by MIR4 through its official community. By January 10th, players that leave comments with the names of MIR4 characters concealed behind silhouettes will get rewards on the basis of the comments they receive.

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