Missile Command Recharged: 80’s Classic arcade game comes to mobile

This might be actually before our time but back in the 1980s, there was a game named Missile Command which was available for Arcade, and various other Atari consoles. The time span of the game’s popularity was right during the Golden Age of Arcade Games and was highly appreciated by players of that time. Several enhanced and updated versions of the game have been launched over the years for various consoles and services. This time, it made an epic comeback with a brand new title Missile Command: Recharged, which is now available on Android and iOS devices.

Missile Command

The original Missile Command was based on the concept of saving cities from a series of ballistic missiles. This was hugely accepted by players of that generation as the game was released during the height of the Cold War. Players used a trackball to move a crosshair and pressed buttons to launch counter-missiles to destroy the attacking missiles. They have access to multiple missile batteries, each with a limited amount of missiles with which they can defend their cities. As they progress through the levels, the incoming attacks become much faster and harder to counteract.

Missile Command: Recharged

Missile Command: Recharged improves further upon the original game. And it brings in some exciting new features. Players can now use a powerup system to upgrade their abilities such as reload speed and power of their missiles. This gives them the ability to actually make use of the points that they have earned through their hard work and skills. This also introduces some new features such as special-blasts which can greatly help players if they are overwhelmed by a series of incoming missiles. 

Missile Command is considered as one of the greatest classical arcade video games. With Missile Command: Recharged now out on Android and iOS, the current generation of players now have the chance to experience the game with brand new features whereas older players get to relive their good old days.

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