Mission Zero to start its first technical test on July 8 in selected regions

NetEase aims to bring a unique experience in the stealth action genre!

The most recent Mission Zero trailer from NetEase Games has been unveiled which features fascinating gameplay details and tips for players on how to get started right away in the game’s forthcoming technical test, which begins on July 8th, 2022. Because of its unique design, particularly the concept of 2v4 and stealth, Mission Zero has become popular among gamers across the globe.

Mission Zero is a brand-new stealth action game created and released by NetEase Games that are compatible with iOS, Android, and PC. Mission Zero is a 2v4 Competitive Stealth Game that offers a unique gameplay experience that blends in. Mission Zero is a challenging exercise in covert operations, with everything from risky hide and seek to stunning skills, equipment battles, and nerve-wracking escapes. Mission Zero will start its first technical test on July 8th in Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, and New Zealand.

Experience an epic battle between the Mobius and the Sirius

Six players make up each match in Mission Zero, including two chasers (the Mobius) and four invaders (the Sirius). To begin a game, players can select one of two factions.

Strong characters can be found in Mobius. To find the Sirius, they have exceptional tracking and hunting skills. They must recognize the disguised Sirius in the situation and outwit him. When three Sirius are eliminated, the Mobius triumphs; when more than one Sirius escapes, the Mobius loses.

Mission Zero Gameplay
Image via NetEase

The Sirius triumphs with a successful escape after deciphering and uploading 4 digits. The codes are carried by five unique NPCs that can be found in various places. The Sirius must use stealth and disguise to crack the codes because they are not as powerful as the Mobius.

The presence of several NPCs in the scenario is Sirius’s secret to success. If the Sirius behaves inappropriately, NPCs may also reveal their whereabouts to the guards and Mobius. The Sirius could blend into the throng to hide, as a waitress, a cook, or whatever is required.

The Sirius is equipped with cutting-edge machinery for escape in case of danger. Sirius has a variety of equipment to choose from, including the Smokeball, Cloak Shield, Stand-in Badge, and more. In contrast, the Mobius characters also possess a variety of active and passive talents to deal with the circumstances.

Are you excited as Mission Zero unveils its latest trailer, as it is all set for a global release soon on mobile devices? Let us know in the comments below!

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