Moonton announced Mobile Legends Network Optimization to improve the gameplay experience

Necessary optimizations to come to game!

Mobile Legends has always strived to satisfy its players by improving the in-game performance, solving matchmaking-related issues, and fixing bugs. However, due to the numerous feedbacks and suggestions made by players, the developers have once again focused to make the game better in terms of matchmaking, gameplay, and connectivity, all thanks to the newest Mobile Legends network optimization for July 2021.

Mobile Legends Network Optimization

Below are the latest optimizations made to Mobile Legends, each of them explain in detail:

Optimization of MCL matchmaking mechanism

Optimization of MCL matchmaking mechanism
Optimization of MCL matchmaking mechanism

This is great news for MCL players who face server connection difficulties since the developers have recently optimized and made the MCL server connection much better by making sure that all MCL players will play in the best server available. This will in turn lower matchmaking countdowns and increase players’ chance of finishing their MCL campaign before the contest timer runs out. It following the Ranked game mechanics optimization of June 2021 is also a good sign in terms of competitive gameplay.

Improvement of gameplay smoothness

Mobile Legends has also improved the gameplay smoothness by providing additional backup servers so as to reduce lag experiences or fluctuations during gameplay. Moonton has also improved its server responses by increasing the data sent and received during gameplay this in turn brings about a much sharper in-game response and performance. Mobile Legends has also worked on the Reconnection Strategy Optimization.

Improvement of gameplay smoothness
Data Transfer Optimization to improve the gameplay smoothness

Having bad networks connection reduces one’s efficiency due to the incessant lags incurred, most possibly risk disconnection from the game. Mobile Legends has further optimized the system thereby greatly reducing the risk rate from a whopping 30% per day to as low as 15% per day. This makes the game much more playable even with a bad network connection.

Weak network connection optimization

Weak network connection, Mobile Legends network optimization for July 2021
Weak network connection optimization

Mobile Legends has also included compensation for players affected by bad network connections while apologizing to teammates of such players. This is done to share a sense of understanding to teammates to those players who face consistent network connection problems. Do note that players are compensated only once per day and that Mythic placement matches are excluded.

Final Thoughts

This is indeed a giant stride in MLBB in-game network improvements and optimizations. This is all thanks to the various feedbacks and opinions players have been able to offer to Moonton Mobile Legends. The good sign is the game getting much better after every update. Hopefully, players have an even good experience while playing the game from now, as a game like Mobile Legends has a lot of players playing simultaneously, optimizations are a necessary part of the game’s improvement.

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