Mobile Legends Leaks: MOONTON plans to introduce a 10-ban draft in Mythic Rank in 2nd half of 2023, has no plans for Role Queue

Leaks reveal interesting updates!

Draft picking has always been some feature available for players in ranks such as Legend, Mythic, Mythical Honor, and even Mythical Glory rank division. This feature involves Players taking turns to ban some selected heroes, most likely the most broken heroes that sure do turn the tide of the battle when on either side. In this Mobile Legends leak preview, we would be taking a look at some of the intended features of the 10-ban draft Mythic as well as the Role Queue system.

Mobile Legends leaks reveal a 10-Ban Draft System 

Players who rank in Ranks Legend and above are very much accustomed to the 3-bans system which allows for each team to ban 3 heroes each, totaling 6 banned heroes, though in rare cases/mistakes/negative troll match behaviors, Players could skip their bans. 

Image via MOONTON Games

However, it’s been leaked that each Team would now be able to ban at least 5 heroes per team, totaling a number of 10 banned heroes from a current pool of 117 heroes available in the game. This banned style is just as it is during Mobile Legends Professional Tournaments in which Players would be given a chance to ban 10 heroes.

Hopefully, such a buff would be implemented in the 2nd half of the year 2023, which should be as from the month of July and above. The probability is that this new setting might drop in by July or alongside the New Emblem system which is also leaked to release soon. 

MOONTON has currently no plans to currently introduce the Role Queue System

Another interesting update this leak has shown is that there won’t there are no upcoming plans for RoleQueue during Ranked matches. Role Queue in ranked matches is a phenomenon in which all matches have a fixed role for everyone to fill.

Novaria late game mlbb gameplay

That is, each team must compulsorily have a Tank hero, 2 carry heroes (Jungler + Marksman), a Fighter role hero, and a Mage Role Hero. This feels good since it would reduce intentional role trolls that might intend to go play 2 marksmen amongst other troll formations.  However, it should be noted that for now, there are no plans for such right now.

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