Mobile Legends might add a swap skin feature in the near future

A new exciting feature in Mobile Legends!

Many collaboration and exciting events are taking place in the Land of Dawn. Moonton Games has introduced different features to allure more players to the 5v5 MOBA, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. With the massive player base growth in the last few years, Moonton has decided to introduce some features that might be the biggest ones to date in Mobile Legends. According to the leaks, it is speculated that Mobile Legends: Bang Bang might add a swap skin feature in the coming days. Let’s look into more details of this probable event and some extra news that is coming in with this.

Leaks suggest the swap skin feature will allow players to swap skins with friends

There has been past speculation around the skin swap event, which never came into the game. However, some leaks and content creators claim that Moonton will introduce it soon. In this event, players might be able to swap any skins they want with another friend. This swap event is so big it might be called the most significant turnover for skin lovers.

Skins have been a big part of MLBB as they are always able to bring unique designs and jaw-dropping collaboration with big franchises. But the price has been a blockage to claiming those skins. Also, sometimes the luck doesn’t work when it’s about a Gacha or bingo event.

Mobile Legends Swap Skin feature leaks

The skin swap event will be a significant feature in resolving all those skin buying issues. We are not clear about the details of this event as there are no official leak announcements and no official hints. We’ll have to sit back and hold our breaths for possibly the best event yet in Mobile Legends.

MOONTON to also introduce the feature of gifting Diamonds

The rumor doesn’t end with the swap skin feature. Another addition could be the Diamond Gifting feature with friends. This feature could just be the cherry on the cake after the announcement of the swap event. However, many things are yet in shallow because it is not clear whether the Diamond gifting system will have limitations on diamond numbers or gifting counts.

If this feature becomes a reality, the players who couldn’t buy diamonds earlier can now easily ask their friends for help. Also, players can now get emergency help from friends if they’re lacking diamonds for different usages.

Mobile Legends Swap Skin feature leaks

Another addition to the list is expected to be the Friend list Card. This card will let the player add extra friends beyond the limit on the friend list. The card is expected to cost 55 diamonds only. This feature will be an appreciable insertion into the game for players who want more friends on their list and are suitable for community enlargement. 

Apart from those features, we might see the option to delete a recently sent text. This addition is good because sometimes players might spell something wrong or say something unwanted. Also, the rewind/reverse play option in the match replay can immerge. So Content creators will get a lot of benefits from this feature.

Final Thoughts

All of the mentioned features are still on the possibility list. No official news has been announced regarding these events yet but surely these features can be excellent additions for the Land of Dawn warriors. Some facts should be considered while applying these features as the in-game currency is related to them. Until any big official news containing these features pops up, let’s just wait patiently.

What are your thoughts about the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang swap skin feature leaks? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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