Mobile Legends MPL-PH Season 7: Prize pool, Schedules, qualified teams and more

The time for the Mobile Legends MPL-PH Season 7 is upon us! Following a massive turnout at the MPL-PH S7 Qualifiers, the teams of Work Auster Force and PlayBook Esports will be filling up the 2 available slots in the MPL-PH Season 7 finals in the Philippines. After an intense 2-day qualifying round with over 3,040 teams in attendance, it was these two teams that are set to replace BSB and Blu Fire, the two bottom teams in MPL-PH Season 6.

Mobile Legends MPL-PH Season 7: Qualified teams

1. Cignal Ultra

  • ImbaDeejay (Tank/Support)
  • RHEA (Fighter)
  • Bensanity (Tank)
  • Aquaboy (Mage/Assassin)
  • Janus (Carry)
  • Kekedot (Offlane)

2. Nexplay Solid

  • Renejay (Assassin/Offlane)
  • Yawi (Tank/Support)
  • H2wo (Carry)
  • Exort (Mage/Support)
  • Jeymz (Fighter)
  • LanceCy (Mage/Support)

3. Execration

  • E2MAX (Support)
  • Ch4knu (Tank)
  • Z4pnu (Multirole)
  • Renzio (Offlane)
  • Kielvj (Carry)
  • Kelra (Mid lane)

4. Onic PH

  • Jay (Multirole)
  • Dlar (Fighter/Assassin)
  • ly4knu (Multirole)
  • Hate (Mage/Marksman)
  • Kairi (Marksman/Assassin)
  • Markyyyyy (Sub)

5. Aura PH

  • Rafflesia (Multirole)
  • Jaypee (Carry)
  • Greed (Multirole)
  • Killuash (Offlane)
  • Bennyqt (Assassin/Mage)
  • Lord Hadess (Fighter/Mage)
Mobile Legends MPL-PH Season 7
Bren Esports, the MPL-PH Season 6 Champions are all set to take part in Mobile Legends MPL-PH Season 7

6. Blacklist International

  • DEX STAR (Tank/Support)
  • Eson (Fighter/Assassin)
  • EDWARD (Support/Mage)
  • OhMyV33nus (Tank/Support)
  • Wise (Multirole)
  • Oheb (Offlane/Tank)

7. Smart Omega

  • Kenji (Offlane)
  • Hadjizy (Carry)
  • Heath (Tank/Support)
  • KurtTzy (Multirole)
  • Haze (Tank/Support)
  • Toshi (Mage/Marksman/Fighter)

8. Bren Esports

  • Pheww (Multirole)
  • Ribo (Multirole)
  • KarlTzy (Carry)
  • Lusty (Tank/Support)
  • FlapTzy (Fighter/Marksman)
  • Ejhay (Tank/Support)

9. Work Auster Force

  • Unravel (Tank)
  • 3MarTzy (Offlane)
  • Chuuu (Marksman/Assassin)
  • Kousei (Mage/Tank)
  • rTzy (Mage/Support)
  • Moht (Support)

10. PlayBook Esports

  • Aspect (Assassin)
  • Arvs (Mage/Support)
  • Beemo (Fighter/Tank)
  • Jake The Dog (Marksman)
  • Ryota (Tank)
  • Yakou (Sub)

Mobile Legends MPL-PH Season 7: Tournament format

With the regular season starting on 19th March, the 10 teams will be split into 2 groups. Each team will play 2 Best of Threes (BO3) with the other 4 teams in their own group and 1 BO3 with the 4 teams in the other group. Points will be awarded for each win, and the rankings will determine the outlook of the playoffs. 3 points are awarded for a 2-0 win, 2 points awarded for a 2-1 win, 1 point for a 1-2 loss, and 0 points for a 0-2 loss. Only the top 8 teams out of 10 will enter the playoffs, which are set to start on the 29th of May.

Mobile Legends MPL-PH Season 7: Prize pool

USD $120,000 prize pool is at stake, with the grand champion taking home a whopping $25,000 home, and the rest distributed through match wins, player awards, and caster awards.

Will M2 champions Bren Esports continue to take the throne for a 2-year consecutive win? Will OMEGA finally rise out of Bren’s shadow and win it all? Or will a dark horse competitor surprise us all? Stay tuned for more news!

Who do you think has what it takes to be the champions for Mobile Legends MPL-PH Season 7? Let us know your opinions in the comments section below!

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