MONOPOLY GO! Egg-cellent Easter Event: All you need to know

Easter party continues!

Another month arrives and there is no stopping the popular casual title MONOPOLY GO! churning out fantastic events, and the upcoming Egg-cellent Easter is no exception. This is an amazing opportunity for players to get more Dice Rolls to fill their bags with freebies, which even I would love to participate in and earn. Egg-cellent Easter event is live now, in which I will explain everything you need to know regarding the details such as participating in it, tasks, and the rewards you will earn.

Egg-cellent Easter Event in MONOPOLY GO!

The Egg-cellent Easter event is set to begin on March 29, 2024, and will be running for two days. Players can earn points and rewards by landing on designated tiles, so I advise having an ample supply of dice rolls prepared to make use of it.

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To receive rewards in this event, the only way to progress would be the PickupsTwo Habitat Heroes Event Tokens can be collected from Pickups. To maximize your points, the strategic use of dice multipliers is essential since there is only one way to complete and earn all the rewards from 50 milestones, so as I suggested, keep more dice rolls.

MONOPOLY GO Egg-cellent Easter: Milestones and Rewards

As mentioned earlier, Egg-cellent Easter will have 50 Milestones and 13,845 dice rolls, including one big milestone at the end promising 6000 Dice Rolls as shared with 6200 points. It will also include Pickaxe Tokens since Spring Treasures dig event is now live.

MilestonePoints RequiredRewards Earned
1310 Dice Rolls
2104 Pickaxe Tokens
310Sticker Pack
410Cash Prize
560100 Dice Rolls
6156 Pickaxe Tokens
720Cash Prize
82510 Minutes Cash Grab
9207 Pickaxe Tokens
10150225 Dice Rolls
1125Sticker Pack
12308 Pickaxe Tokens
1340Cash Prize
144510 Pickaxe Tokens
15400500 Dice Rolls
164514 Pickaxe Tokens
1750Sticker Pack
1855Cash Prize
196016 Pickaxe Tokens
20800850 Dice Rolls
2160Sticker Pack
226518 Pickaxe Tokens
237070 Dice Rolls
2480Cash Prize
2512001100 Dice Rolls
269010 Minutes High Roller
2710020 Pickaxe Tokens
28115Sticker Pack
29140140 Dice Rolls
301000Cash Prize
31200Sticker Pack
32250200 Dice Rolls
3330025 Pickaxe Tokens
34350Cash Prize
3516001400 Dice Rolls
365005 Minutes Cash Boost
37550Sticker Pack
38700Cash Prize
3980030 Pickaxe Tokens
4025002000 Dice Rolls
4190015 Minutes High Roller
42950Cash Prize
43100045 Pickaxe Tokens
441100600 Dice Rolls
452000Cash Prize
461150650 Dice Rolls
471200Sticker Pack
48130065 Pickaxe Tokens
491400Cash Prize
5062006000 Dice Rolls

So what are you waiting for? Time to up your Monopoly Go strategy and earn everything on offer!

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