MONOPOLY GO! February 2024: List of Events, Tournaments, and Rewards

The second month of the year!

MONOPOLY GO! is a modern-day rendition of the ever-popular Monopoly board game that retains the essence of buying, selling, constructing, and collecting rent on real estate. Be it the game’s fantastic events for players or shortcuts to get more Dice Rolls to fill their bags with freebies such as Money, let me tell you, the game doesn’t fail to impress. Every month, there are a plethora of events and tournaments that go live, including some mini-events featuring amazing rewards and multipliers. Keeping them in mind, let me map out the events and tournaments that are coming this February 2024 in MONOPOLY GO!

MONOPOLY GO February 2024 Events and Tournaments

Every event and tournament will have a set of mini-events as a form of reward, which is the common stuff we see. Mega Heist, Free Parking Cash event, Cash GrabRent FrenzyHigh Roller, and others are examples. You will also have Quick Wins and Daily Treats to grant you more rewards. I suggest you check out the main menu section often so you don’t miss out on mini-games that grant you extra rewards.


Here is the list of events that arrived or coming in February 2024.

1. Prize Parade

Monopoly Go Prize Parade cover
Image via Scopely

Running from February 1 was the Prize Parade event, which is the first one this February. It arrived with 49 Milestones with 15,075 dice rolls and around 900 Peg-E Tokens on offer.

2. Cloud Cruisin

Cloud Crusin was the second event in the game that kicked off on February 5, 2024, for two days, with 42 Milestones with 16,135 dice rolls on offer.

3. Retro Love

Themed after Valentine’s, Retro Love arrived with 43 Milestones and 13,780 dice rolls on offer. It once again returned on February 11, with more milestones and rewards, this time featuring Valentine’s tokens as well.

4. Valentines Partners

MONOPOLY GO Valentines Partners Event Cover
Image via Scopely

This month’s partner event comes with a romantic twist having Valentines Partners to celebrate the same. I have come up with a breakdown of this event as well as strategies for this event, so give it a check!

5. Cupid’s Cuties

Coming with Heart Tokens as well, the Cupid’s Cuties brings 48 Milestones and 14,320 dice rolls on offer.

6. Victory Campaign

Following Cupid’s Cuties arrived Victory Campaign deviating from the love theme, with 49 Milestones15,075 dice rolls, and around 900 Peg-E Tokens on offer. 


Here is the list of tournaments that arrived or coming in February 2024.

1. Samba Showdown

Running from February 1 was the Samba Showdown tournament, with 3,110 dice rolls offered alongside 30 milestones. It once again made an appearance on 5th February.

2. Masquerade Madness

Monopoly Go Masquerade Madness cover, MONOPOLY GO February 2024 tournaments
Image via Scopely

The Masquerade Madness is a two-day tournament kicking off on February 2nd with 30 milestones and a 3,960 dice rolls pool.

3. Skyscraper Blast Off

Skyscraper Blast Off was one more similar event to the previous lasting for a day, where we got 25 Milestones, with 3440 dice rolls.

4. Pod Pursuit 

Pod Pursuit followed a similar pattern, with 25 Milestones, with 3440 dice rolls on offer including one big milestone at the end promising 1300 Dice Rolls.

5. Bouquet Builders

Bouquet Builders followed a similar pattern to the previous tournaments.

6. Smoochy Sweets

Monopoly Go Smoochy Sweets Tournament Cover
Image via Scopely

Smoochy Sweets arrived on February 9, 2024, with 25 Milestones, with 3440 dice rolls on offer including one big milestone at the end promising 1200 Dice Rolls.

7. Tycoon Bowl

Super Bowl had to be featured and this arrived with Tycoon Bowl tournament in the game with 30 Milestones and a mammoth 6185 dice rolls on offer.

8. Dragon Race

Dragon Race featured a similar theme to other tournaments, with 25 Milestones, with 3440 dice rolls on offer.

9. Capital’s Cup

Capital’s Cup was another tournament that arrived on February 17, 2024.

10. White House Race

The 10th tournament was the White House Race with 30 Milestones, with 3110 dice rolls.

What are your thoughts on the MONOPOLY GO Events and Tournaments in February 2024? Let us know in the comments below!

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