Monster Hunter Puzzles, Capcom’s new casual title is available in Canada for Android

Solve the puzzles and rebuild the island!

Capcom‘s casual title, Monster Hunter Puzzles is available in Canada for Android. Interestingly, the game has been available in Canada since April 2023. Currently only available for Android, there is no information regarding the iOS version from the side of developers as of now.

Monster Hunter Puzzles aims to deliver a puzzle-solving experience backed by a gripping storyline

Monster Hunter Puzzles despite being a puzzle-solving game, still offers an immersive storyline for you to follow, where you are Emily, a cat-loving journalist who travels to to the Felyne Isles, set in the world of Monster Hunter. The island is full of cats and the storyline progresses based on the puzzles that the players solve in the game.

Monster Hunter Puzzles Android, Monster Hunter Puzzles
Image via Capcom

The island has definitely seen some better days as it very recently went through a disaster and with each puzzle you solve the story will progress as more and more islanders return to their normal lives and eventually everything will be rebuilt from scratch. The whole journey of the game revolves around bringing the island back to life as you keep on solving puzzles and helping kittens on the island.

There will be buildings and various other elements that you can build on the island to match the energy of the kittens around you. It all depends on you on how you approach the game and how you want your island to look like. The game comes with multiple unique levels of puzzles which you can solve and progress further in the game.

The game as stated before is already available for players in Canada for Android. If you are interested and eligible you can definitely access the game via Google Play, there is no information regarding the game being available for iOS, hence stay tuned.

What are your thoughts on Monster Hunter Puzzles being available in Canada for Android? Let us know in the comments below!

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