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MU Archangel adds new Gate of Divine Realm content with the 1.20 update patch

Enjoy exciting content with amazing rewards!

WEBZEN, a prominent developer and publisher of PC and mobile games on a global scale, has unveiled the release of the latest 1.20 update for its mobile MMORPG, MU Archangel. This recent patch introduces several exciting additions, such as the Gate of Divine Realm, Bracelet, Equipment Unseals, Devil Raids, and various other enhancements and features.

Explore new realms and challenges in the MU Archangel 1.20 update patch

The Gate of Divine Realm becomes accessible to players who have achieved Angel XXIV Tier 45 characters after successfully completing the Ordeal of the Celestials quest and dungeon. This unlocks a range of exciting features, including the exploration of the new Celestial Continent, acquisition of Celestial Equipment, and encounters with more formidable Bosses. Additionally, players can take advantage of the raised level cap and encounter new Boss Monsters.

In addition to the Gate of Divine Realm, players will gain access to the Ordeal of Divine Realm dungeon, as well as new regions like the Celestial Continent, Darkness Territory, and Hellfire. The Ordeal Dungeons are categorized into Silver and Gold dungeons, with players granted entry based on their character level for a limited period of 3 days. Participating in these dungeons allows players to collect materials for Potential Grant, along with rewards such as Resurrection Stones and Jewels of Creation.

Furthermore, the game will witness a level cap increase to 2,480 and Celestials V Tier 60, introducing new World Bosses, Solo Bosses, and Ancient Battlefield Bosses to provide players with fresh challenges and experiences.

MU Archangel 1.20 update patch brings new accessories and features

In MU Archangel, players can now adorn a unique type of accessory known as the Bracelet, which becomes accessible once they achieve the Angel I rank. This novel accessory can be equipped in the newly introduced Bracelet Slot. Players have the opportunity to enhance and advance their Bracelet, unlocking Default Options and exclusive Eternity Options in the process. Moreover, players can make use of Bracelet Recast, Starlight Wishes, Starlight Awakenings, and Starlight Markings to further enrich their accessory’s capabilities, including unique skills.

MU Archangel 1.16 update patch
Image via WEBZEN

Upon unlocking Angel III equipment, a brand-new Equipment Unseals System becomes available. By employing Seal Removing Stones, players can obtain Unseal Options and enhance the Unseal Ratings of their equipment, enhancing their gear’s potential.

Additionally, this latest update introduces Devil Raids, where players face formidable adversaries that obstruct their progress to the next stage. Engaging in Devil Raids enables players to earn rewards by conquering the Kundun Ruler and aiming for a coveted SSS Score Rating, which promises even more valuable rewards. It’s important to note that Devil Raids are exclusively available on Saturdays and Sundays.

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