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MU Archangel adds new Orb and Myth content with the 1.17 update patch

MU Archangel rolls out the latest 1.17 update patch!

Global game developer and publisher WEBZEN has revealed that its mobile MMORPG, MU Archangel, that follows the original MU franchise got the most recent 1.17 update patch.

MU Archangel brings Orb and Myth features with the latest update patch

After the maintenance, the Orb and the Myth, two new features from the most recent 1.17 update version, will help players strengthen their characters to a greater extent.

After reaching Master Level 500, the Orb content will first become available. This will enable different Orbs to be equipped onto each of the 6 slots to acquire a variety of options and potent property options. Additionally, each orb can hold up to three spells that can be worn. Casting spells grants access to spell options and effects.

Up to an 11-Star Rating can be infused into each Orb tier. As ratings rise, players have access to more potent choices and higher levels of Property Skill.

Use Orb Summon Crystal to obtain spells, infusion material and more

Players can now use an Orb Summon Crystal to summon an Orb. They can acquire things like orbs, spells, and orb soul infusion material with this new orb feature. The Orb Summoning Crystal will be offered for purchase in the Shop after the first complimentary Orb Summon of the day.

MU Archangel 1.16 update patch
Image via WEBZEN

The Myth feature, which includes deities like Poseidon, Apollo, and Zeus, is also included in the most recent update. After achieving Master Level 500, the first piece of Divinity of the Myth material, “Poseidon,” will be freely available. Selecting and dragging Cubic, Gem, and Orb owned onto the slot will also boost Mystical Power.

After achieving a certain level of Mythical Power, players can upgrade their Divinity by using Flame of Divinity or Breath of Divinity items. This gives them access to better Evolution options and a potent property ability.

What are your thoughts on the 1.17 update patch in MU Archangel? Let us know in the comment section below!

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