Munchkin Digital, a dungeon adventure, is now available on Android and iOS

Be ready to plunder treasure and backstab friends with Munchkin!

Munchkin Digital developed and offered by Dire Wolf Digital is a new card adventure game now available on both Android and iOS for a price tag of $9.99. The game offers a murderous and mischievous gameplay experience for fans ready to be experienced on their mobile devices.

Hunt for treasures and betray your allies with the new Munchkin Digital

When the developers quoted murderous and mischievous they were not lying. The game offers a very unique gameplay and narration experience where players can team up with different allies in the game in a bid to hunt different treasures scattered all along the map.

Every map is lit with enemies and dangerous creatures that players will have to exterminate along with their allies in the game. Once the map is all clear you can either share the treasure with your allies or kill them to name the treasure all for yourself.

Munchkin Android iOS, Munchkin
Image via Dire Wolf Digital

With millions of copies sold around the world, Munchkin is the mega-hit card game about dungeon adventure. The idea of betraying your allies adds uniqueness to the game and offers unique strategical gameplay. You and your friends compete to kill monsters and grab magic items. There are a variety of enemies and creatures scattered on the map for the players to slay.

There are many unique items there on offer as well, Don the Horny Helmet and the Boots of Butt-Kicking. Wield the Staff of Napalm or maybe the Chainsaw of Bloody Dismemberment. Start by slaughtering the Potted Plant and the Drooling Slime, and work your way up to the Plutonium Dragon. Once you run out of more enemies to slay, you can always slay your own teammates and allies to claim the treasure all for yourself.

Different customizations are on offer for the players

There are different curse cards and player customizations available for the players to toggle with. Munchkin is played in a series of rounds using Door cards and Treasure cards to explore a dungeon.
Build a character by combining Race and Class cards, then gear up to face the lurking monsters.

Each character you build will be having different traits and specialties. If you are looking for a treasure hunting, forgotten ruins exploring, or ally betraying game on mobile devices then look no further.

The game is now available to download and play on your respective smartphones. Interested fans can purchase the game via Google Play and Apple Stores.

What are your thoughts on Munchkin Digital now available on Android and iOS? Let us know in the comments below!

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