My Fairy Islands: Merge Animal is now available as an open beta on Android

An intriguing and mysterious place waiting for you to explore!

Loongcheer Game‘s merging simulation game My Fairy Islands: Merge Animal, has been released recently and is currently in open beta testing on Android. If you are someone who is suffering from OCD and his/her mind compels you to organize the chaos in your tidy fairy village from untidy objects, then My Fairy Islands: Merge Animal should be your pick!

Merge and collect over 500 fantastic objects and bring back the chaos into order

There are numerous ways to activate the healing power and bring the world back to life! The goal is to combine three identical items into one new item. As for the players, it will be a mystery what happens after the merger. There are over 500 items to discover and collect in the game, and players can upgrade almost everything – animals, seeds, plants, swamps, and even monsters!

Will you bring all of this chaos back into order in your room, where there are so many cluttered things? In My Fairy Islands, you will also go through a decompression process by keeping everything neat and orderly. Your actions will ultimately determine the appearance of your island. In the game, you can combine items to create your fairy town!

Explore the intriguing and mysterious place with immersive sound effects in My Fairy Islands: Merge Animal

This is a brave new world full of legendary animals and wonderful magic, an intriguing and mysterious place that awaits your exploration. There is a lot of healing design in the game. Healing sound effects will make your game experience more immersive, whether you’re merging, clicking, or building new islands.

Aside from that, the game’s cute and funny login screen, exquisite seaside island design, a lot of vivid and healing Hearts to restore the Dry Land, and NPC’s interesting dialogue guide… All of this leads you to engage in the game.

Enjoy cooking in Hero Island and complete quests to merge and collect exclusive items in limited-time adventure

Hero Island is a culinary paradise for those who enjoy cooking and eating delicious foods! Get recipes from fairies and princesses, cook the dish you want, and then turn the ingredients into the materials you require. The materials will be delivered to your property for construction.

My fairy Island Collection series
My Fairy Islands: Merge Animal open beta (Image via Loongcheer Game)

Complete the Food Order and obtain the Magic Key to release the mist. Purchase more land to create your islands. To upgrade the castle, drag and drop building parts from the corresponding series onto it.

The time-limited islands unexpectedly appear! Players can begin their quest to merge and collect exclusive items! Each limited-time adventure is inspired by a different theme, such as Vampire, Jurassic Century, and Magician, among others. Each item has been carefully designed to fit the concept. Furthermore, each time-limited theme has a final prize that players can obtain by merging. What will eventually merge is still a mystery for you to solve!

Be social in your Fairy Islands with the in-game friend system

When you’re stuck on how to decorate your island and make it look more elegant, go visit your friends’ islands for ideas! The friend system can be found in My Fairy Islands. Add friends, visit their islands, receive or give gifts to friends… More interaction will be made available soon!

More features can be found in My Fairy Islands: Merge Animal. Users can start creating their own fairy island and enjoy the immersive gameplay on their respective Android devices. Additionally, players can get more information and meet other players by following My Fairy Islands: Merge Animal’s official Facebook page and Discord.

Are you excited as My Fairy Islands: Merge Animal starts its open beta test for Android? Let us know in the comments below!

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