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N-INNOCENCE is an action RPG, currently up for pre-registration in select regions

Amalgam of all the mythologies in a single game!

N-INNOCENCE is a new mythological fighting action RPG from Asobimo Inc is now available for pre-registration in USA and Canada. It is a mobile MMORPG developing company who have launched games like Avabel Online, Iruna Online, and Aurus Online MMORPG amongst many others. This new game with a nostalgic touch is now available for pre-registration on both Android and iOS devices.

N-INNOCENCE features simple touch-and-flick action for smooth gameplay 

N-INNOCENCE is a tap-and-flick game where players need can fight by swapping between 4 different characters which include support characters. This means that the players can whichever character they deem fit is going to help them at the moment and stack up on combos and dominate the fight. If the players can stagger the enemy with continuous offenses, they would have a chance to deal massive damage.

The game is a crossover between various ancient mythologies

N-INNOCENCE has a unique storyline that is an amalgam of various ancient mythologies such as Norse, Japanese, and Greek mythology. The developers have brought forth all of them together and forged an epic storyline with epic combinations of various gods from different mythologies.

N-Innocence North America, N-Innocence
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These combinations are endless and along with this every character also has a special unique move with a unique animation sequence. The powers of the characters vary from a vast set range of powers such as attack, defense, recovery, and support. The game also provides the players with rich gameplay by providing them with a mythological background to add more depth to the various aspects of the game.

Players from Canada and US can start pre-registering for the game now

Interested players can pre-register themselves for the game right now by heading over to the Google Play Store or App Store according to their needs. Players outside the region, can either use a VPN or wait for the game to release in their regions.

What are your thoughts as N-INNOCENCE begins pre-registration in USA and Canada? Let us know in the comments below.

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