NASCAR Manager is Hutch Games’ racing management title that enters early access for Android

Get ready to shift gears and outsmart the competition with NASCAR® Manager!

NASCAR Manager is a racing manager game that is now available for Android devices in early access it’s available in most of the regions except some regions in the EU. Get ready to hit the virtual tracks and immerse yourself in the high-octane world of NASCAR with the newly launched NASCAR Manager published by Hutch Games which is widely known for other racing titles like F1 Clash, Puzzle Heist, and Forza Customs.

Rev up your engines and experience the thrill of the new NASCAR Manager

As the manager of your own NASCAR team, you make all the decisions in NASCAR Manager, a strategic racing game unlike any other. Take part in competitive 1v1 races against the world’s top race drivers. There are countless chances to demonstrate your abilities, whether you like weekly leagues, monthly tournaments, or head-to-head duels.

Will you play it smart and save gasoline and tires for a late-game push, or will you tell your drivers to go full throttle right out of the gate? The final say in all of this is yours. Achieve great rewards for your squad by climbing the rankings, winning leagues, and waving the checkered flag. The glory is worth the intense competition.

NASCAR® Manager early access
Image via Hutch Games

Every choice counts when the race is intense. Make snap decisions while competing against others in exhilarating PvP racing games. Take charge, outwit your rivals, and savor the delicious triumph of skillfully applied tactics. Assert your own destiny by hiring and developing drivers for the NASCAR. Create the team of your dreams with distinctive custom designs, then get into fine-tuning your car.

It takes planning in addition to speed. Make pit stop schedules, maintain composure under pressure, and respond to warnings, draft partners, stage points, and playoff objectives. To secure that much-desired victory, push your cars to the maximum and execute brilliant tactical maneuvers.

Recruit, train, and customize your dream NASCAR team

Not interested in going it alone? Make friends, work together with other players, and build your team’s reputation by joining a club. Participate in competitions to earn various benefits that will provide your squad an advantage on the track

NASCAR Manager is currently available for Android users to download from the Google Play Store, with the regions unspecified. The release for iOS devices has not yet been confirmed, however, the App Store page is active. If you have the option to download, you can go ahead and enjoy the title.

Are you excited as NASCAR Manager enters early access for Android? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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