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NetEase announces Identity V x Case Closed second crossover

The puzzle is about to be solved. There is only one truth!

The Second crossover between Identity V, the popular role-playing and survival horror game, and the super popular detective manga Case Closed will come online from December 9th to December 22nd, 2021. Different forces will gather at the fog-shrouded Oletus Manor with mysteries and unsolved questions.

A battle of reasoning in the manor is all set to take place in the Identity V x Case Closed second crossover

In the first crossover of Identity V x Case Closed, the detectives received an invitation from Oletus Manor to find out the truth. The first crossover The Fifth Survivor (Prequel) featured the Lawyer in a Costume “Kogoro Mori“, Air force in a Costume “Ran Mori”, Perfumer in a Costume Shiho Miyano (Ai Haibara, Forward in a Costume “Heiji Hattori” and Detective in S Costumes, “Shinichi Kudo” and “Conan Edogawa“, all teamed up together in the story.

When the second crossover starts, some items from the first one will be available again for a limited period. S Costumes, “Shinichi Kudo” and “Conan Edogawa” will also be available but can only be purchased by the echo. At the same time, the second crossover The Fifth Survivor (The final chapter) is online now. Characters and items that players are familiar with will debut: Seer S Costumes- Kid the Phantom Thief; Embalmer A Costume-Toru Amuro; Mercenary A Costume- Shuichi Akai; Barmaid A Costume-Vermouth and Crossover exclusive accessory, portraits, and exclusive graffiti! Revisit old happy memories and the tension from animation. Even though dangers approach, so does the truth.

Long-waited Identity V crossover with drama between characters begins now

With a warning letter to remind the target each time, Kid the Phantom Thief dressed in his gorgeous white suit will travel around smoothly, leaving no clue behind but an only legend. On the other hand, with an owl, Seer can obtain magical perspectives and predictivity.

Toru Amuro will hide in darkness along with the Embalmer who works with the dead all day to show his respect to the final dignity of each deceased. They both hide tenderness deep down in their hearts and work for the beliefs. Now it is up to the players to find how will the Embalmer protect his precious when changing into A Costume-Toru Amuro.

Identity V Case Closed second crossover

Furthermore, FBI search officer, outstanding sniper, the “silver bullet” known by the Black Organization. Shuichi Akai will go all out to protect important people without any fear. On the other hand, the Mercenary, resolute and brave, confront the hunter just to protect his teammates and fight in the front line. When the Mercenary is dressed in Mercenary A Costume- Shuichi Akai, he will still march on!

Identity V Case Closed second crossover

She is a beautiful and famous movie star on the screen and a cold-hearted killer when dressed in black. She is Vermouth. She is unpredictable, mysterious, glamours yet kind. Just like Barmaid’s secret Dolvin that makes people drunk.

When dressed in Barmaid A Costume-Vermouth, what other charms will she bring out? During the second crossover, players can win 100 inspirations when they first share the KV for a crossover. Moreover, up to 5 crossover essentials (crossover evolution) will be included after completing designated tasks. In the first week of the crossover (December 9th– December 15th, 2021), players can win the crossover essentials for free

How much are you excited about the second crossover of Identity V × Case closed? Let us know in the comments below.

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