NetEase Games to highlight its R&D capabilities in Game Development at Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2023

Presentations from NetEase Games sessions will focus on sharing insights based on its blockbuster titles!

NetEase Games, one of China’s top internet and online game service providers, will attend the Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2023 and its employees who will present more than 16 talks during the Core Concepts and Summits sessions.

At booth S1332 in the Expo area and during a sponsored presentation titled “Developing a User-Generated Content Platform Ecosystem,” NetEase Games will also demonstrate CliCli. CliCli is an integrated game editor and global distribution platform. It lowers entry barriers for game developers by removing the need for coding, allowing them to focus on game creation and accelerating time to market.

NetEase Games Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2023
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Over five days of education, inspiration, and networking, GDC brings the gaming community together to share ideas, resolve issues, and influence the future of the industry. The gathering this year will take place in person and online at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco from March 20–24, 2023.

NetEase speakers to share success stories from renowned titles at Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2023

Speakers from NetEase will discuss the future of tabletop games. They will share success stories from popular games like Harry Potter: Magic Awakened, LifeAfter, and Naraka: Bladepoint, demonstrate how machine learning can speed up game development, and share insights on how to manage and grow gaming communities. To speak at the event, more than 20 NetEase experts have been selected overall. A few choices from the NetEase roster at GDC are as follows:

  • An Exploration of Attracting New Users Through Livestreaming Traffic-Buying: The Fantasy Westward Journey team will collaborate on product marketing to maintain the franchise’s relevancy over more than ten years and to use social media-based marketing techniques to entice players to keep playing.
  • Achieving High-Quality 90fps Realism in a Mobile Game, Technically and Visually: The developers of Ace Racer, a high-speed racing action mobile game that will debut on March 16th, will go into depth about how they managed to maintain high-quality realistic graphics effects while achieving a smooth 90 frames per second. The discussion covers a variety of topics, including pipeline rendering, vehicle scene optimization, and suggestions for the optimization process, and participants share their experiences on the trade-off between visual art and efficiency.
  • Is Beauty Emotional or Rational: Cosmetics and Consumer Choice in Naraka: Bladepoint: Naraka: Bladepoint offers players hundreds of skins to choose for their avatars. Xinwei Chang, senior UX researcher at ThunderFire, will discuss how the Naraka: Bladepoint study team quantified the abstract beauty hidden beneath a character’s skin by examining players’ aesthetic preferences.
  • Efficient Software Occlusion Culling on Mobile Platform in Life After: An effective Software Occlusion Culling (SOC) approach that enhances game performance with a high culling rate at a very low cost will be discussed by Wenhui Tao, a game engine programmer at NetEase Games. Participants will gain knowledge of the various culling-related problems and how to solve them, including how to arrange data, apply a runtime culling algorithm, and create high-quality occlusion meshes.
  • From Copy to Subscriptions: A Statistic Perspective of Naraka: Bladepoint: Naraka: Bladepoint is the first successful fusion of the melee and battle royale genres, which calls for a large number of players to participate at once. The game was first released on PC, then moved to consoles. In this session, participants will learn about the difficulties and coping mechanisms associated with the transition from paid to free games, as well as how game data can be used to support project choices and draw business-related conclusions.
  • Creating the Art of Harry Potter: Magic Awakened: Harry Potter: Magic Awakened was developed using a hand-painted stylized art pipeline, which will be discussed by Qingfeng Zeng, the game’s main artist at NetEase Games.
  • The State and Future of Board Games: Ming Liu, a researcher, will participate in a panel discussion with tabletop game designers, journalists, and others to talk about the continuing growth, variety, and development of a hobby that continues to highlight innovative concepts, fresh methods, and even cutting-edge technology.
  • Caring for Togetherness: Nurturing Hybridity in the Cross-Platform Game Community: To help game developers and community managers construct more inclusive, open, and long-lasting hybrid game communities, Thunderfire has developed guidelines and strategies. Bingjie Yu, a UX researcher at NetEase Games, will discuss these techniques in her presentation.
  • Differentiated Management Communities: Centralized vs. Decentralized Communities: Keyu Wu, a senior user experience researcher at ThunderFire, will discuss the traits, distinctions, and segmentation types of centralized and decentralized gaming communities as well as share targeted and practical management techniques to help communities have a positive influence on their games.
NetEase Dokific, NetEase Games US Studio, NetEase Games Jar of Sparks, NetEase Star Painters
Image via NetEase Games

The talks and other presentations listed above from NetEase Games will be accessible to Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2023 attendees with All Access, Core or Summit passes. Interested fans can visit the official event website for more information about GDC 2023 and where to watch the NetEase Games presentations online.

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