NetEase’s Mission Zero releases trailer for a new map titled The Museum of Civilization

Trailer disclosed new game scenes and interactions with the NPC!

Mission Zero, a 2v4 competitive stealth action game developed by NetEase Games, debuted its new game trailer at NetEase Connect 2023 along with the introduction of the new map, Museum of Civilization. The latest game sequences and NPC interactions were shown in the latest trailer. The map now includes fresh components including additional camouflage techniques and new NPCs. More thrilling endeavors and disguise opportunities will be provided by the new NPCs.

Mission Zero is a 2v4 competitive stealth action game that includes Escape Show. For a thrilling escape, players will take on the roles of Spy in the Sirius Faction or Hunter in the Mobius Faction. The game makes use of blend-in and asymmetrical gameplay, making it ideal for playing with friends.

The Museum of Civilization is an essential architecture in the Sirius civilization in Mission Zero

The new map, “Museum of Civilization,” plays an important role in the Sirius civilization in the game’s setting. In this civilization’s museum, a mineral called Stardust Core has a lot of cosmic energy on display. All sides pretend to be vendors in the crowd while secretly intending to steal the ore to obtain this ore. In the present, the show has become a “battlefield of fighting over the Stardust Core.”

Mission Zero New Map Trailer
Image via NetEase

The game map is separated into four sections: the ancient “Dino Pavilion,” the intelligent civilization-representing “Gallery,” the industrialization-development-symbolizing “Culture Zone,” and the universe-exhibiting “Planetarium.” Beautiful modeling and realism in the lighting effect bring back the feel of a real museum. The attributes of the four zones can be used by fugitive players to camouflage themselves.

The new map trailer showcases the debut of all characters of Mission Zero

All of the officially revealed characters made their video debuts, including Boxer dressed as the station’s seller, Hottie decked out in armor, Hacker in a charming dino outfit, and the Rescue Team in a space suit. In addition to all of these, there are robot-like NPCs that players can impersonate. In each location, players can find distinctive NPCs. Players can enjoy an immersive blend-in experience thanks to the new costumes and exclusive disguise actions that all the NPCs have.

Players can enjoy the fun and the anxiety simultaneously when intense and thrilling pursuits are incorporated into the amusing escape acts. An additional round of internal conflict is about to be staged beneath the surface of the escape display. Players can anticipate further information from the development team in the future. The testing timeline has not yet been made public as the game is still under development.

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