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NeverAfter introduces Dragonlings to the game in its latest update

You need not face your fairy tale adversaries alone anymore!

The upcoming update for NeverAfter will add the Dragonlings to the game, which will battle alongside the player and serve as devoted companions on their journeys through the fairy tale realms. The Dragonlings will be strong allies for the NeverAfter heroes. The Dragonlings will gain strength and become dependable allies on your journeys if you take care of them and manage to collect a large number of them to your side.

Form alliances and battle alongside the cute and powerful companions, Dragonlings

The Dragonlings will be included in the upcoming Never After release. A breed of 48 cute dragons known as “Dragonlings” is diminutive in size but fierce in combat. The Lunarlupus is a nocturnal Dragonling with milk-colored hair that shines like the moon, and the Fairywings have transparent wings that mirror the colors of the rainbow. Each Dragonling has unique characteristics. Since the player must first achieve level 95 to gain the loyalty of a Dragonling, such powerful creatures won’t submit to just any old Adventurer.

NeverAfter Dragonlings
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The Dragonling may be adorable, but when its master is in danger, it is a power to be feared. The four attribute effects provided by the Dragonling’s own BR in battle are Dragon Fang, Dragon Armor, Elemental Break, and Elemental Block. These abilities can make the Adventurer stronger or enable them to lessen or disregard the harm caused by both elemental and non-elemental attacks. These skills become even more potent and offer superior passive Stat Effects if you feed the dragonlings.

Each Dragonling will feature a unique magical power in NeverAfter

Each Dragonling has a unique set of magical powers thanks to its Draconite core. The Dragonling’s BR will rise when this talent is unlocked, making them more powerful in combat. During a battle, the Dragonling will also greatly improve the Adventurer’s BR stats, such as HP and HIT, as well as increase DMG and decrease enemy CRIT DMG. Additionally, the Dragonling will boost the Adventurer’s post-battle bonuses and enhance dungeon loot and Eudemon damage.

NeverAfter Dragonlings
Image via NetEase

The Dragonlings of NeverAfter have a special way of acquiring strength that involves feeding and staring up. A dragonling will level up and have stronger passive effects if you give it beast meat. Additionally, the Dragonling’s combat bonuses will grow if you can acquire Draconite and Dragonling Shards. Collecting all of the Dragonlings of the same Bond group will unlock Bond effects that greatly increase their damage, enabling the Adventurer to execute lethal combos on their enemies. The Dragonlings battle more effectively when they are united.

Dragons have played a significant role in fairy tale history as both benevolent teachers and dangerous adversaries. The Dragonlings in NeverAfter will make devoted pets, devoted warriors, and a fantastic addition to the tales players want to tell in the land of make-believe. Therefore, players must gather as many Dragonlings as they can for a memorable journey.

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