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NeverAfter introduces new gameplay features in its latest update

The greatest update yet for NeverAfter adds three new features!

As part of a free update on December 9th, 2022, NetEase Games and developer Guanghe Qiyuan introduces new gameplay systems to RPG NeverAfter, including the Partner Awakening and Partner Weapon Systems. These systems will enable players to make their cherished allies stronger than ever. Gamers will also have formidable enemies to use these new skills on in new quests and the Evil Witch dungeon, giving them the chance to test their mettle against players from around the world.

NeverAfter brings Partner Awakening and Partner Weapon systems with the new update

The Partner Awakening and Partner Weapon systems both are unlocked at Level 70. They will allow players to enhance their Partners in novel ways as a result of the update. Rare Partners can now gain stat upgrades of a greater caliber than previously thanks to the Partner Awakening systems.

By ingesting Rare Partners, a Partner can be awakened through the Destiny system, enhancing their stats even further. The Pea Princess is the first Partner that can awaken once NeverAfter has been updated. And doing so will grant her a new Weapon Spirit talent. Once The Pea Princess has experienced a Partner Awakening, her tale will also be updated in the Memoir.

NeverAfter new gameplay systems
Image via NetEase

The Partner Weapon system, which will give Partners strong new weaponry, is another addition to NeverAfter. The Destiny system or taking on the new Evil Witch dungeon are two ways that a Partner of SSR rank or higher can acquire a special weapon through the Partner Weapon system. The Pea Princess is one illustration of this. Upon awakening and promotion, she will get The Princess’s Holy Hammer weapon, enhancing her combat prowess.

New Storyline Quests
Image via NetEase

The new update will also add chapters to the major plot tasks and raise the player’s level maximum, expanding NeverAfter’s backstory. The Wizard of Oz and Endless Mirage now have Awakening Level 20 dungeons. These drop Awakening Level 20 Red Gear for the players to gather. This will feature additional content.

Obtain exciting new rewards in Evil Witch dungeon and new quests added in NeverAfter

The Evil Witch dungeon will be added to the game in its upcoming update. It will allow NeverAfter players to take on the toughest task alongside their fellow heroes. A minimum of three players must enter the Evil Witch dungeon at once for it to be considered a multiplayer dungeon. After completing the Evil Witch dungeon, the winner will get Partner Psyche and Partner Weapons.

In addition to finding wealth, the Evil Witch dungeon offers players the chance to gain glory by harming the boss monster to move up the ranking system. All servers are included in this list, which is reset every Monday. The top players receive new awards and titles each week.

NeverAfter new gameplay systems
Image via NetEase

Every week, the boss creature in the Evil Witch dungeon will change, and new requirements and advantages will be placed on the player. To make things more difficult, one of the five elemental spellsArcane Missile, Protection Barrier, Spirit Warrior, Summon Fireball, or Winter Crystal—will be active each week in the Evil Witch dungeon. In the Evil Witch dungeon, players can also take advantage of one of five benefits that alternately activate and expire each week: Blessing of Oz, Repel Injury, Sever Bind, Share the blessing, and Withstand Attack.

What are your thoughts as NeverAfter introduces new gameplay systems? Let us know in the comment section below!

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