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NeverAfter will introduce five new Eudemons as part of the Eudemon Arrival Event

The five Eudemons are cute creatures that are incredibly powerful in combat.

NeverAfter received an update on July 22nd, 2022 from NetEase Games and Guanghe Qiyuan, which includes five new Eudemons as part of the Eudemon Arrival event as well as time-limited activities and incentives. The player can use one of the five adorable Eudemons as a lovely mount to travel around the grim fairy tale settings of Never After. Eudemons are highly effective fighters.

Introducing five new Eudemons in NeverAfter

These five Eudemons are Wanton Monkey, Drill Wasp, Fluffy Herb, Lightning Dog, and Nine Tails; they will be visiting Never After.

  • Wanton Monkey: Strong in melee combat, the Wanton Monkey may deal status ailments and debuffs with its blows;
Wanton Monkey
Image via NetEase Games
  • Drill Wasp: Mid-range melee fighter Drill Wasp may weaken enemy defense stats and makes multi-hit assaults;
NeverAfter Eudemon Arrival Drill Wasp
Image via NetEase Games
  • Fluffy Herb: Fluffy Herb is a long-range attacker with healing abilities and debuff powers;
NeverAfter Eudemon Arrival Fluffy Herb
Image via NetEase Games
  • Lightning Dog: As a melee combatant, Lightning Dog has the ability to do more damage by piling lightning effects on its adversaries;
NeverAfter Eudemon Arrival Lightning Dog
Image via NetEase Games
  • Nine Tails: Long-range spellcaster Nine Tails is capable of multi-hit combinations that cause status ailments.
Nine Tails
Image via NetEase Games

The Eudemon Arrival Event brings exciting rewards to NeverAfter

As part of a short-lived event named Eudemon Arrival, which will feature the new Eudemons, fighting alongside them will result in rewards. A Lucky Wheel lottery will be part of the event, and participants can purchase Esper Tokens to enter for a chance to win the Eudemons’ exclusive Mega Millions Circus attire and other rare things.

The player can reward the Eudemons with special Esper Rations, and if enough Eudemons are fed on the server, the Wanted and Ghost Treasure activities will also activate an additional drop reward buff that will continue until the event’s conclusion.

The Silver Feathers and Colorful Feather that Never After players who participate in the Eudemon Arrival event can acquire can be exchanged for uncommon goods in the Festive Mall, such as the limited-time Back – Dazzling Ray and the limited-time Mask – Boundless Revelry. During the event, a Mystery Mall will also open. It will include rare items, and its inventory will automatically update every hour with the option to do so manually by paying diamonds. Throughout the promotion, users who check in every day will receive extra awards as well as double rewards on the weekends.

The Eudemon Arrival Event will feature limited-time team activities

Limited-time team activities will also be available for players in the Sleeping Plateau during the Eudemon Arrival event, which will take place from August 2 through August 24. Players can link up with five other players during this event and choose a unique fairy tale partner to start on an adventure.

Image via NetEase Games

Working together, this five-person adventure team can earn unique benefits, such as the uncommon wing appearance Back – Dream Weaver. During this event, players can form a team with one of the five Eudemons. Items like an Echo Conch, Magic Candy, Bubble Frame – Chocolate Cake, Avatar Frame – Chocolate Cake, and Back – Dream Weaver are among the prizes for this momentary team activity.

The King’s Trail: Five Royal Champions dungeon is among the largest brand-new additions in the most recent Never After update. As a result, numerous player groups will be able to cooperate to take on ruthless guardians and formidable boss monsters. A significant upgrade to NeverAfter’s content has added potent new Eudemon companions, alluring loot, and even a difficult dungeon that must be conquered.

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