New leaks suggest a HoYoverse project called Project R might be in development

HoYoverse's action creates speculation over a new project!

According to some new leaks on social media, HoYoverse‘s action has attracted a lot of attention with some fans speculating over the possibility of a new HoYoverse Project by the name “Project R” being in development.

Fans speculate the new Project R is the unfinished Project SH from last year

The speculation of new Project R gained relevance when HoYoverse applied for a series of R-project copyrights and new trademarks with the hot-blooded logo. All these activities were undertaken by the developers in the same month making the whole process more bait.

HoYoverse is not just another developer studio, they are pretty famous and it is quite understandable that their actions are being closely watched and followed by fans all around the globe.

HoYoverse new project, HoYoverse
Image via HoYoverse

Following the rumors, the community is divided with some believing the game to be a first-person shooter game that will be released within a few years. While others strongly believe that the logos and trademarks are for an unfinished project from last year.

Project SH was rumored to be a second-dimensional open-world TPS game led by HoYoverse CEO Cai Haoyu, many believe that Project R is the same game. The game did not make it to the end and the project was disbanded in November last year.

Honkai: Star Rail second closed beta test
Image via HoYoverse

The developers have applied for the trademark R which according to some netizens, the R in R-Project may refer to hot-blooded. How accurate this claim might be, no one knows. Only with time, will it be more clear whether it is a new game the developers are applying the trademark for or something different.

The developers might be aiming for an updated project for one of the two of their top projects Honkai Star Rail and Genshin Impact. Only with time fans will be able to understand the clear motive behind these trademarks, for now, all we can do is speculate.

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