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Night Crows, Madngine’ MMORPG opens pre-registration on Android and iOS

Global pre-registration for Night Crows, a game published by Wemade and developed by MADNGINE, commenced on January 11th. Night Crows is an MMORPG based on Unreal Engine 5, supporting cross-play between mobile and PC platforms. It boasts realistic light source illumination, high-quality graphics, 4 classes, and 8 sub-classes enhancing user choice and effort.

The dynamic combat includes both ground and air elements utilizing Gliders, and large-scale battles involving 1,000 players in vast fields are featured in the Battlefront content. Following its release in the Republic of Korea in April 2023, the game achieved remarkable success, reaching No. 1 in downloads and top sales charts across major mobile app markets.

Wemade has innovatively incorporated blockchain technology into Night Crows

Pre-registration will remain open until the official launch in March on the official website, Google Play, and Apple App Store. Generous pre-registration rewards, including a rare-grade Mount and Glider, are being offered.

Wemade has innovatively incorporated blockchain technology into Night Crows, enabling the tokenization of core in-game items. The in-game economy will be interconnected with Character NFTs, with each NFT created through the compression of the character and user’s game data.

Night Crows pre-registration
Image via MADNGINE

The game will be connected with WEMIX3.0 through an omnichain network strategy, allowing users from other blockchain networks to easily utilize the tokenomics. The introduction of the “SSS (Streamer Supporting System)” will create a transparent support system where users, Streamers, and Supporters can coexist. Pre-registration rewards for SSS Streamers include a rare-grade Glider with unique aesthetics.

Furthermore, in celebration of pre-registration, the NFT Collection ‘The Night is Coming‘ will be available for sale on the WEMIX3.0-based DAO and NFT platform ‘NILE’ (NFT Is Life Evolution) starting today. These NFTs can be exchanged with ‘Crow,’ the key token of Night Crows, from April 1st, 2024. Meanwhile, if you aren’t one of the pre-registered players, then you can participate via the official website, Google Play Store, and Apple App Store.

What are your thoughts as Madngine’ MMORPG Night Crows is up for pre-registration on Android and iOS? Let us know in the comments below!

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