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Nova Esports is crowned as the champions of COD Mobile Masters 2021 Europe

Nova Esports took home $25K prize after their amazing performance!

After some grueling and intense battles in the virtual battlefield, popular esports organization Nova Esports has crowned champions of COD Mobile Masters 2021 Europe after taking down XOXO and winning the final game by a margin of 3-1. Earlier Nova Esports also beat XOXO back in the Winners bracket finals on Day 2 itself.

COD Mobile Masters 2021 Europe: As it happened

Day 1: Nova Esports and XOXO kick off to a good start

Nova started off by taking down Bunker 3-0 which wasn’t all too hard for them and as a result, they sailed into a match against Oxygen who had beaten out Vive Gracia in the start. While XOXO took on Stamina after beating Tragik by 3-0, Nova faced some resistance early on with Oxygen and lost their first Hardpoint match while also coming close to losing their second one as they were down 5-2 at one point in the Search and Destroy match at Hackney Yard point but clutched up to win it 6-5 and equalize the score.

Nova Esports COD Mobile Masters Europe champions 2021
Nova Esports vs Oxygen

Nova also closed up the gap and took the lead to dominate Oxygen at Standoff. They faltered in Firing Range and lost another Hardpoint match which resulted in a do-or-die tie-breaker situation with a Search and Destroy match at Raid. They won this highly important match and that too with some great defense and teamwork and moved to the Winners Bracket Finals. Watch all the action that happened on Day 1 of the finals of COD Mobile Masters 2021 Europe here.

Day 2: Winners Bracket Finals

XOXO started off really well in the Hardpoint match at Standoff but Nova made a really great attempt at a comeback, losing the game 150-136. This led to one of the best Search and Destroy maps in this event where Nova really got their strategy together and won 6-4 after a bad defensive start but some really great control over the map later on. They also dominated yet again at Summit where they kept XOXO pretty well in check.

Nova Esports COD Mobile Masters Europe champions 2021
XOXO vs Nova Esports

In the Hardpoint match at Firing Range, Nova really pulled itself together yet again and took control of the last few hardpoints really well. XOXO got pushed down to the Losers Bracket Finals to battle it out with Oxygen which included some really intense matches where they ended Oxygen’s great run and once again came face to face with Nova in the Grand Finals of COD Mobile Masters 2021 Europe.

Grand Finals

Both Nova Esports and XOXO made it to the Grand Finale after facing off with some of the toughest contenders in the series and totally deserving their spots.

Nova Esports COD Mobile Masters Europe champions 2021
Grand finals of COD Mobile Masters 2021 Europe

The first-round match – Hardpoint to start the Grand Finals was totally dominated by Nova as they faced very little resistance from their opponent. This gave them a great kickstart and a strong base to start off the finals. XOXO fought really hard to make a comeback in the second-round match of Search and Destroy at Firing Range.

The third round was really intense as well with XOXO taking the lead and Nova not too far behind in the first half. Nova really made a great comeback here as well with some good defense to give them the upper hand in this round.

Nova Esports COD Mobile Masters Europe champions 2021
Nova Esports took home $25K prize pool

The fourth and final match sealed XOXO’s fate against them and after some great offensive approach, Nova Esports finished as the COD Mobile Masters Champions for the Europe region.

Nova Esports are the champions of COD Mobile Masters 2021 Europe

This was a win Nova Esports absolutely deserved and viewers got to see some really great action throughout the event. Nova managed to work as a unit really well, taking control of the whole scene and that allowed them to dominate the playing field. Also, Nova Esports took home $25K after being crowned EU champions of COD Mobile Masters 2021. Runners up XOXO, on the other hand, took home $10K as their prize money.

What are your thoughts on Nova Esports being the COD Mobile Masters Europe champions 2021? Drop your opinions in the comments!

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