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Oath of Peak celebrates Valentine’s Day with a new Hare outfit and other rewards

The game is off to a great start, hitting 500k downloads post-launch!

If you’ve been on the fence about checking out Oath of Peak, the hit new mobile MMORPG, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to take the plunge thanks to a brand new in-game celebration. To celebrate Valentine’s Day, the team is also putting together a special new Hare outfit, available at 30% off for 4 days. Fans of MMORPGs can check it out right now no matter their preferred choice of platform, with Oath of Peak being available across iOS and Android.

Oath of Peak is an oriental fantasy MMORPG in which you head out on an adventure across an open world, encountering fantastical creatures that you can tame and bring with you on your adventure. The influence behind the experience is the classic Chinese story The Classic of Mountains and Seas, which you may know better by its title Shan Hai Jing.

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The game has amassed a total of 500k downloads post-launch

Developer Cangaming Net is no stranger to the Xianxia style, which is a genre of Chinese fantasy. Many of its games have taken place within realms inspired by this, with its most notable being A Chinese Ghost Story, which picked up over 18 million downloads across the globe during its lifespan. And Oath of Peak is already on its way to sharing similar success, after garnering 500k pre-registrations and 200k downloads during the first seven days of its open beta period in North America alone.

Oath of Peak Valentine's Day, Oath of Peak
Image via Yeeha Games

Following its launch across the globe, where the Asia-Pacific region became the first region to be released in April 2022, where a whopping 500k players have already downloaded the game currently. On launch day, it also topped the charts on the App Store and Google Play, which is an incredible feat.

The game itself sees you play as a Spirit Bender, whose goal is to explore the Omnispirit Continent, where the game takes place, taming monsters who can fight alongside you. In fact, you can tame pretty much every creature that you encounter, which is made up of mythical creatures like the Kirin, Zhulong, and Baize. They can then fight alongside you, improving in power as you train them.

Pick from five unique classes and get started on your adventure

How you fight differs as well, with five different classes to choose from. These are based on your typical MMORPG roles of Tank, Support, and DPS. That comes in handy during the group content, which spans challenging PVE encounters and PVP and GVG scenarios. If you love guilds, then you’ll love this.

Image via Yeeha Games

In fact, there’s plenty of content to keep you busy, including a single-player story, a massive open world to explore, and a wide variety of monsters to tame. So head on over to the App Store or Google Play right now to grab Oath of Peak. You can also follow the game’s ongoing development by visiting its official website or Facebook and Twitter pages.

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