Omega Strikers July 2023 Update 2.3 Patch Notes: New Characters, Maps, and more

New characters, new maps, new skins, and more!

Omega Strikers, the free-to-play 3v3 footbrawler with complete cross-platform and cross-progression capability has received its next major July 2023 Update 2.3 Patch Notes from Odyssey Interactive. It brings a new character, a new game mode, 4 new maps, balance changes, and more to the game.

Omega Strikers 2.3 Update Patch Notes: New Characters and Rework

New Striker – Finii

With her practical jokes and magic tricks, Finii truly puts the “magic” in “magician”! This tenacious trickster can complete any squad with the help of some fairly… unusual new utility abilities and long-range poke damage. Finii can summon a hypnotic (and explosive!) gravity well that strains our game’s physics engine. She also has a trick to increase the harm her team deals to the opposing team’s members. You’ll need to plan if you want to steal the show with Finii.

  • Double Take [SECONDARY] 
    • Send out a puff of smoke to inflict a LIGHT hit to opponents while increasing their overall damage taken by 30% for four seconds.
    • PvP Knockback and Damage: 140 (+70% Power)
    • Core Knockback: 1260 (+140% Power)
  • Misdirection [PRIMARY] 
    • Send out a missile that is decelerating and hits the first adversary it encounters. When it reaches its peak, it quickly reverses direction and strikes more forcefully.
    • Empowered PvP Knockback and Damage: 250 (+125% Power)
    • Empowered Core Knockback: 1405 (+212.5% Power)
    • Light hit reduction: 50%
Omega Strikers 2.3 Update Patch Notes
Image via Odyssey Interactive
  • Big Finish [SPECIAL] 
    • Create a gravity well in a specific spot, drawing foes in and slowing them down. The well explodes after 2.25 seconds or when you recast it, hitting foes far away.
    • PvP Knockback and Damage: 180 (+90% Power)
    • Core Knockback: 1500 (+425% Power)


Atlas is going back to the lab to improve his projection. We’re giving him some more aggressive choices because he’s been lagging behind some other meta goalies.

  • Astral Projection [PRIMARY]
    • PvP Knockback and Damage: 160 (+80% Power) → 170 (+E damage up 160->170 (+85% Power)
    • Core Knockback: 1300 (+160% Power) → 1320 (+170% Power)


Drek’ar has consistently had a high MMR and has had successful tournament runs. He managed to hide from Nerfs in the previous patch, but he is unable to do so this time.

  • Molten Bolt [SPECIAL]
    • PvP total DoT damage: 200 (+100% Power) → 180 (+90% Power)


Atlas fiddled with his sister’s equipment as well because he didn’t want to abandon her. I’m hoping it will now pay off when she takes the biggest chance and charges an adversary!

    • Cooldown: 14s → 12s
    • PvP Knockback and Damage: 210 (+105% Power) → 220 (+110% Power)
    • Core Knockback: 1385 (+202.5% Power) → 1390 (+205% Power)


Finally, the pendulum has turned around. Rasmus had the AUDACITY to display his advantaged cooldowns and consistency at the tournament level after buying his way into multiple buffs. We’re making them queue once more.

  • Whiplash [SECONDARY]
    • Cooldown: 14s → 16s
  • Pendulum Swing [PRIMARY]
    • Cooldown: 7.5s → 8s


X can still make a game all about himself when he gets the right Awakenings, so we’re treading lightly and letting him stampede over enemies slightly more.

  • Bull Rush [SECONDARY]
    • Cooldown: 15s → 14s

Omega Strikers 2.3 Update Patch Notes: Maps and Modes

New Mode – High Tea Hijinx

On a new mode filled with fantastic freedom, Finii finessed, flipped, and tricked out others. The mode includes four brand-new wild maps! Strikers will engage in a first-to-three frenzied fight while battling in bizarre new locations.

New Maps

  • Flipped
  • Corner Pocket
  • Back to Back
  • About Face

All Strikers on the map will have their own Hijinx buff which will grant the following:

  • 125 Move Speed
  • 75 Power
  • 30 Ability Haste
  • 35% Size
    • Note: The size is less obvious because the maps are bigger, but missiles and mobility powers travel a lot less ground.
  • Increased in-game experience gain.

Omega Strikers 2.3 Update Patch Notes: Skins, Awakenings, and more

UI and other improvements

  • The Strike Shot indicator is updated for mobile and console.
  • Emote Muting!
    • Check it on the scoreboard!
  • Updated Voiceover logic
    • When using their Specials, Strikers will now more commonly play their VO to both teammates and opponents.
      • Particularly Octavia and Rune will ALWAYS play their VO to support for counterplay purposes.
Omega Strikers Game Action Cover
Image via Odessey Interactive


  • Delicious new Juno flavors! (DO NOT EAT HER)
    • Taro
    • Pumpkin
    • Milk Tea
    • Matcha
  • Gamer Juliette
  • Dubu Barista emote
  • New Titles!
    • Tea Time Tussle – Boba
    • Tea Time Tussle – Jelly
    • Tea Time Tussle – Caffeinated
    • Event – Ignited


  • Decay
    • A rank decay system is added for challenger and above.
    • Players can bank up some days depending on their rank.
      • Players will decay LP per day if they don’t have any days banked.
    • They will lose previously banked days when promoted.
  • High MMR central server (NA)
    • Challenger and above


Infinite Awakenings are gone. The drawbacks outweighed the benefit, which was a safety measure to increase the likelihood that players would obtain a functional Awakening. When an Infinite Awakening was the best option, this requirement for players that triumph in a draught was frequently not met.

Additionally, tactics could become oppressive (like infinite Stinger) or too simple to defeat (like Endless Unstoppable, for example). While the Awakenings were intended to alter the gameplay, the shared options should only be made available at the start of the game so that you may make picks and bans to work around them.

Omega Strikers 2.3 Update Patch Notes: Bugfixes

  • Under certain conditions, Fire Up! will no longer award double energy at the beginning of the round.
    • Additionally, the tooltip now appropriately displays how much energy is distributed throughout the squad while using Energy Burst.
  • The SECONDARY Rune’s Shadow Swap will now function in Practice mode.
  • When using a gamepad, several abilities will no longer cause the Core to freeze.
  • Your striker will no longer be eliminated by knockbacks that take you straight out of a KO zone .(primarily applicable to the Ai.Mi’s App map)
  • In the awakening draught, Cast to Last no longer depicts Vyce as having no effect.
  • Eject button now functions with Octavia’s secondary.
  • If you try to cast any other abilities while the channel is active, Vyce Special no longer casts on release.
  • Players won’t continually enter the loading screen and then be returned to the main menu.

That’s all for the Omega Strikers July 2023 Update!

What are your thoughts about the Omega Strikers 2.3 Update Patch Notes? Let us know in the comment section below!

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