Omega Strikers May 2023 Update 2.1 Patch Notes: New Characters, Map, Gear, and more

New characters, a new map, new skins, and more!

Omega Strikers, a free-to-play 3v3 footbrawler with complete cross-platform capabilities, has just received its first significant May 2023 Update 2.1 Patch Notes from Odyssey Interactive. It adds two new characters (increasing the total to 17! ), a new map, new equipment, system tweaks, and more to the game.

Omega Strikers 2.1 Update Patch Notes: New Characters and Rework

New Striker – Vyce

Vyce is a powerful long-range striker who warps across the pitch and deals massive damage with an electric guitar. She can perform chain lightning attacks, drop thunderbolts from the skies to stun foes at a distance and send foes flying with a MASSIVE shockwave. Finding the ideal timing to warp into your adversaries and begin melting their faces with a scorching guitar solo is essential when using Vyce.

  • Thunderstruck [SECONDARY]
    • Send a thunderbolt down from the heavens to strike an area of interest and stun opponents.75 seconds. Recast to take on a form of pure energy for the next 3.25 seconds and teleport to the casting place.
  • Power Chord [PRIMARY]
    • Launch a lightning attack, delaying the first enemy hit before launching a series of LIGHT attacks against nearby foes.
  • Super Nova [SPECIAL]
    • To start rocking out and obtain 100% knockback resistance, push and hold this ability. Emit a shockwave that drives foes away from you as soon as the ability is released or after 2.5 seconds. For the first 1.25s after being charged, the wave grows in size and strength.

New Striker – Octavia

Octavia is a quick but vulnerable striker who excels at manipulating the core and dodging opposing fire with a pair of psychically-controlled speakers. Her whole playstyle is based on Flow State, which gives her a speed boost that scales and renews every time she impacts an object. You’ll need quick reactions and mental attention to extend your Flow State as long as you can with Octavia to become a great virtuoso.

  • Flow State [SECONDARY]
    • Gain 25% more speed for 2.75 seconds, with a 2.5% increase every second. By hitting anything, the duration is continuously scaled back.
  • Sonic Boom [PRIMARY]
    • Send forth a sonic wave that slows down any enemies it encounters for one second. Light blows are delivered to upcoming targets.
  • Bass Drop [SPECIAL]
    • Emit five sound pulses with a short duration after a delay, hitting opponents nearby.

Asher – Mini-rework

It was incredibly difficult for opponents to counter Asher’s core control because her kit was so oppressive in keeping the Core moving forward. Her shield barrier is no longer passive and is now only active for the time her primary ability is cast.

She can create a stronger, impenetrable barrier by casting PRIMARY on her side of the field. These modifications will enhance her tank-like playstyle, along with a defensive buff to her SECONDARY. All of these modifications ought to enhance the counterattack against opposition Asher forwards.

  • Striker Barrier (STRIKE)
    • Passive Barrier Creation on ability casts: Removed
    • Now is just a normal Strike
  • Breakthrough [SECONDARY]
    • Asher moving during the channel time of the dash bug is fixed (0.125s channel before the dash)
    • Tuned to be more forgiving to hit units slightly in front of and behind her
    • Asher is granted a BUFF by Now that reduces incoming Knockbacks by 30% and damage is taken by 25% for 5 seconds. If Asher is staggered, this buff loses its effects.
  • Barrier Beam [PRIMARY]
    • Renamed from Arc Beam to Barrier Beam.
    • [NEW] Casts a barrier that, before it breaks, deals a LIGHT hit to any opponents it comes into contact with. The barrier is larger and impenetrable for its entire time if it is cast on Asher’s team’s side of the pitch.
    • Asher no longer slows if the barrier hits something (she is still slowed while channeling)
    • Beam Range: Increased from 340 → 350


  • Magical Maelstrom [SPECIAL]
    • Maximum knockback angle to the cast direction: 90 degrees → 60 degrees
      • This prevents it from becoming chaotic and keeps both the Core and knocked-back players traveling in the direction of the Maelstrom.


  • Strike with Friends (STRIKE)
    • [BUGFIX] When Juno hits the Core, Blobbos will now reset their overriding striking direction.
      • Juno should find it simpler to set up some pass plays with the Core as a result.


  • Pendulum Swing [PRIMARY]
    • [BUGFIX] His chain sickle’s head (the circular portion) now has larger scales.


  • Unstable Anomaly [PRIMARY]
    • [BUGFIX] Instead of being slowed down by a longer Creation Duration, it scales at a constant rate.
    • [BUGFIX] Will repeatedly knock targets back if they remain inside the Anomaly.
  • Banish [SPECIAL]
    • [BUGFIX] banishes all further targets hit for the same duration as the first target.


  • [BUGFIX] Base strike size: 350 diameter -> 270 diameter

Omega Strikers 2.1 Update Patch Notes: Maps and Modes

New Map – Demon Dais

The first new map that works well with the Oni twins of Ahten. Players must pass through a special Barrier setup with two concentric circles on this brand-new music stage. The speakers on the sides of the map turn on and start spewing out sounds when you break the outer barrier! Strikers and the Core will be pushed away from them by these waves. The speakers become amplified, extending the effect of the sound waves deeper into the map as the inner barrier on either team drops!

Ahten City

Currently spawns 6 Orbs every wave as opposed to the previous 3. Instead of being the “standard” map, Ahten City will now have a little bit of uniqueness and a distinctive flavor. Keep an eye out for a few of the things that are brewing around Ahten City in the future.

Night Market

  • [BUGFIX] Now, when a speed gate is engaged, all units nearby receive a benefit.
  • [BUGFIX] Barriers deactivate completely in 1 second after being struck by the Core (the time was reduced to match the prior aesthetics).

Oni Village

  • [BUGFIX] Now speed zones better match the visuals and don’t extend into the corners.

Omega Strikers 2.1 Update Patch Notes: Cosmetics, Gear, and more

Power Orbs

  • Healing: 20% of Max Stagger → 7.5% to 30% based on current stagger. (more healing when more damaged)

UI and other improvements

  • More Striker info on lore page
  • Improved layout in lore book
  • Barriers now have a VFX on destruction
Image via Odessey Interactive


The first Creator VS has produced new adorable and fascinating skins. Additionally, some really cool items have been produced for the Ahten City Music Festival!

  • Creator Skins
    • Moist Asher
    • Rakin Juliette
    • Lily Juno Bee
  • Music Skins
    • Idol Ai.Mi
    • Pop King Kai
    • Soundwave Atlas
  • Goal Explosions + Emotes

There is an amazing new goal explosion and a couple of emotes with the patch to take this concert to the next level.


  • [NEW FORWARD GEAR] Siphoning Wand: Over 2.5 seconds, hits deal extra damage equal to 5% of the maximum stun of the enemy, healing the user by the same percentage.
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed a problem where goalies would occasionally lose their gear advantages if they traveled to the very limits of the map.
  • Pummelers: 25% bonus knockback to staggered targets → now grants 10% more knockback to all targets.

Omega Strikers 2.1 Update Patch Notes: Bugfixes and Control

These are bugfixes that have been fixed with the 2.1 update patch:

  • Users of iOS shouldn’t longer encounter severe framerate decreases when using the Tempo Swing awakening feature.
  • Non-English language versions of the end-of-match screen no longer display strange debug text.
  • When playing with 60 FPS, Omega Strikers no longer crashes the Nintendo Switch!
  • When dead, the core, goal gates, and goal obstacles no longer vanish.
  • a bug that frequently prevented users from connecting to games during the loading screen has been fixed.
  • The Season 2 content is now displayed on the Battle Pass symbol.
  • The Atlas Lab Recharge time indicator has changed from green to red. Just one more reminder that it will explode if you try to pick it up, so leave the area immediately.
  • Numerous other minor bugs and crash fixes.


  • A gamepad bug that caused rapid casting with the cast-at-location movement ability to cast at your striker’s feet instead of the maximum distance was fixed.
    • Affects:
      • Juno Secondary
      • Estelle Secondary
      • Ai.mi Secondary
      • Zentaro Special

That’s all for the Omega Strikers May 2023 Update!

What are your thoughts about the Omega Strikers 2.1 Update Patch Notes? Let us know in the comment section below!

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