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Omniheroes, the much-awaited RPG is now globally live on Android and iOS

Through the darkness, rescue the captive Valkyries from the Demons and fight together against evil threatening the world!

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll already know that Omniheroes is one of the most anticipated mobile RPGs of 2023, with a pre-registration campaign that managed to rack up 1232651 sign-ups in just four weeks. Allow us to explain exactly why you need to download and play Omniheroes right now as it’s now globally available on both Android and iOS.

Let’s start with the graphics. Omniheroes has an absolutely lush art style, with high-quality character and boss models, enthralling cutscenes, and even a trace of art nouveau influence. That’s not something you see every day in the world of mobile RPGs. Graphics aren’t everything, of course, and we’ve often jumped to the defense of a game that plays better than it looks. 

Weild magic, clash weapons, and team up strategically for battles

But Omniheroes is one of those rare games that look as good as it plays, and that’s worth celebrating. Whether it’s a spellbinding burst of magic, a thunderous clash of weapons, or a flurry of swift strikes, Omniheroes’ skill effects are meticulously crafted to provide an authentic and exhilarating experience. The game’s development team has poured countless hours into perfecting these effects, ensuring that every battle is a thrilling spectacle.

We wanted to create a game that not only challenges players strategically but also immerses them in a world of visual splendor,” shared by Lead Game Designer at OMNIDREAM. “The skill effects in Omniheroes are a testament to our dedication to delivering an unparalleled gaming experience.

Omniheroes release
Image via OmniDream Games

Gameplay-wise, Omniheroes walks the line between depth and accessibility. If the strategy is your whole deal, you’ll be pleased to learn that the game’s innovative synergy system gives you more than 100 team comps to play with.

Command your army of Valkyries against the evil forces

We won’t go into the whole backstory. Suffice it to say that you’re playing as Odysseus, the Creator’s apostle, and your goal is to defeat the forces of evil by summoning an army of Valkyries. These Valkyries belong to five different factions: Empire, Eclipse, Woodland, Divine, and Demons and each one is a complex and unique individual reflecting her factional orientation and her own personality. 

For instance, Dorabella is an Ethereal Valkyrie from the Empire faction. She’s also a genius, gifted in both intellect and sorcery, and her previous life saw her teaching the princes and princesses of the empire. Marina, meanwhile, is a Glorious Valkyrie belonging to the Woodland faction. She also belongs to the Vayan tribe, which avoided contact with the outside world for thousands of years. 

Solitude was never Marina’s thing, however, and she’s thrilled to be on the front line. This is just a tiny fraction of a sample of the storytelling energy that has clearly been poured into Omniheroes, and it makes all the difference to the overall experience.

Players can start joining the forces to get 777 free summons

You can stack battle buffs, change the course of a battle with a well-timed maneuver, and generally carry on like Napoleon. Or, if you like the quiet life, you can take advantage of the game’s idle features, obtaining loot and XP just for showing up and plowing it into one-tap upgrades. 

777 free valkyrie summons omniheroes
Image via OmniDream Games

Last but not least, there are the Valkyries themselves. Interacting with these characters off the battlefield is a huge part of the Omniheroes experience. A visit to Valkyrie Manor will see you changing bandages, administering medication, and generally bonding with some seriously impressive 3D characters through a series of touchscreen gestures. 

This in turn allows you to unlock the Valkyries’ charisma, making them even more effective as military units in your endless battle with the forces of darkness. And one more thing! Now, every player will get 777 free summons! And so much more goodies! All in all, Omniheroes is shaping up to be one of the hottest mobile RPGs of 2023. Players can head over to their respective Google Play or App Stores and download the game for free right now!

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