Onmyoji 200 Shikigami Grand Gathering event brings new skins, Jades, and more

Celebrate every encounter in the captivating world of Shikigami!

NetEase Games has revealed the commencement of the 200 Shikigami Grand Gathering event in Onmyoji on May 24th, 2023. Players are cordially invited to commemorate their game experiences and enjoy a range of enticing rewards, including fresh skins, Jades, and more.

Onmyoji 200 Shikigami Grand Gathering event unleashes excitement and rewards

The latest event in the game Onmyoji, titled “200 Shikigami Grand Gathering,” has commenced, offering an exhilarating experience to players. Throughout the event, participants have the opportunity to undertake quests in order to gather Shikigami stickers and unlock a wide array of exciting rewards. These rewards include the newly introduced Courtyard Skin called Luminescent Night, Senhime’s latest skin named Aquatic Aurora, random SP/SSR Shikigami, Jades, and more.

Onmyoji Aquatic Aurora
Image via NetEase Games

Accompanying the event is a fresh gameplay feature called Keep Up With Friends, specifically designed for returning players of the game. Inviting them to revisit the virtual world of Heian-Kyo and reunite with old acquaintances, this feature allows players to form a Friend Team alongside other returning Onmyojis, leading to the acquisition of generous rewards.

Onmyoji 200 Shikigami Grand Gathering event brings enhanced rewards for new players

During the latest event, the upgrade to the new player bonus in the game has made it an opportune moment for individuals to embark on their journey in Onmyoji. The enhanced daily login rewards, benefits of newcomer summoning, and improvements to the Rookie Monthly Pass and Growth Pouch are all available for new players, providing valuable assistance in progressing through the game.

Onmyoji Keep up with friends
Image via NetEase Games

Furthermore, a new theme called Talisman Pass has been introduced, which introduces the Talisman collection system, encompassing a wider range of content. Talisman cards adorned with enchanting radiance and vibrant patterns are suspended in the air, showcasing captivating skin stories.

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