Onmyoji Fateful Reunion event brings a new character, exciting rewards, and more

New SP Bondweaver Enmusubi Arrives

NetEase Games has announced that the new Shikigami SP Bondweaver Enmusubi will be available in Onmyoji in the Fateful Reunion event with amazing rewards and new skins.

Summon SP Bondweaver Enmusubi in the Onmyoji Fateful Reunion event

In the Onmyoji Fateful Reunion event players have the opportunity to participate in a new summoning event designed to acquire the latest SP Bondweaver Enmusubi (voiced by Sora Amamiya). Throughout this event, the typical summoning process within the game will be temporarily replaced by two distinct versions: the New Horizons version and the Vintage Classics version.

Onmyoji Fateful Reunion
Image via NetEase

These versions encompass unique pools of SP/SSR shikigami that differ from those found in regular summons. Players have the freedom to select either of these versions at their convenience, as the quantities of summons made in each version will be tracked for various rewards, including stage rewards, special stage rewards, and Memory Scroll progress.

During the event’s duration, there’s a guaranteed assurance that within 60 summons, players will attain an SP/SSR Shikigami. Importantly, this won’t disrupt the counting process for the Unlucky Streak achievement series. In the event that an SP/SSR Shikigami is acquired prior to reaching the 60-summon limit, the counting will reset. Moreover, participants in the event can employ Mystery Amulets, Jades, and AR Amulets to conduct 40 summons during the summoning period, leading to the acquisition of an additional Random SP/SSR Shikigami.

Fateful Reunion event offers exclusive rewards, including SSR/SP Summons

In the Fateful Reunion event, players have the opportunity to summon mystical creatures known as shikigami and construct their personal squads for battles. By engaging in a variety of in-game modes, players have the chance to acquire special items that are unique to the event.

Onmyoji Floating Nocturne skin
Image via NetEase

These items can then be traded for a range of rewards. Notable prizes encompass the all-new Floating Nocturne skin for the character Sakura, powerful summon scrolls labeled SSR/SP, a dynamic frame named Shifting Power, Skill Daruma items, exclusive illustrations, limited Jade currency, and several other enticing offerings.

Unlock rewards from the past in the SP Bondweaver Enmusubi memory scrolls event

SP Bondweaver Enmusubi Memory Scrolls event is set to begin after maintenance on August 23 and will come to an end on September 12 at 23:59. Participating players can acquire items known as Scrolls Shards by engaging in various in-game modes. These Shards can be used to mend the Memory Scroll. Whenever players use these shards for repairing, they will receive a random reward as a result.

Once the repair of the scroll is complete, rewards will be given out to all players based on their respective contribution rankings. Players who secure top ranks in the event will be granted shards of SP Bondweaver Enmusubi and exclusive event frames as rewards.

The updated version introduces a fresh Summon Room appearance and a new addition to the Shiki.Menu. Engaging in the Summer Garden event allows gamers to acquire the latest Summon Room design called Crystal Clearing and the new Shiki.Menu called Crystal Clifftop.

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