Onmyoji Spiritual Words Event introduces a brand-new Shikigami, SSR Kotodama

SSR Kotodama arrives in Heian-Kyo!

A new Shikigami – SSR Kotodama will soon be available with the new Spiritual Words event coming to the turn-based fantasy strategy game Onmyoji Arena on April 26, announced NetEase Games.

SSR Kotodama will appear in a special Summoning event

Players may expect a thrilling experience when the upcoming “Spiritual Words” new version event for Onmyoji begins on April 26. An SP/SSR Shikigami will always be attained during the event within 60 summons. The counting will recommence if a player acquires an SP/SSR Shikigami before accumulating 60 summons, however, it won’t have an impact on the “Unlucky Streak” accomplishment series.

Using Mystery Amulets, Jades, and AR Amulets, players can reach 40 summons during the event and get an extra Random SP/SSR Shikigami. In addition, they can participate in the event’s numerous gameplay types by calling upon their Shikigami and assembling teams to engage in combat.

Onmyoji Arena brings exciting events and skins to the game

In exchange for incentives like Hone Onna’s New Skin Dawning Elegy, SSR/SP Summon Scroll, Animated frame Toppled Tower, Skill Daruma, Event Illustration, and Jade, players can obtain rare event stuff.

Onmyoji Spiritual Words Event
Image via NetEase Games

The SSR Kotodama Memory Scrolls event will begin on April 26 following maintenance and run through May 16 at 23:59. By taking part in the game’s many gaming types, players can win Scroll Shards. These shards will aid in the Memory Scroll’s repair, and each fix will bring about a chance prize. Each player will receive incentives based on their donation rating once a memory scroll has been entirely rebuilt.

Are you looking forward to the Onmyoji Spiritual Words Event? Let us know in the comment section below!

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