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Overmortal a new RPG, now available on mobile in Europe and North America

Special Skin awaits players in these regions!

Overmortal is now officially available on both iOS and Android platforms in Europe and North America. Players in these regions are in for a treat as a special skin awaits them. Developed by LTGames Global, this mobile idle RPG has gained immense popularity worldwide, boasting 24 million players, all drawn to its captivating Eastern aesthetics. The game is now set to captivate the Western audience.

Explore the mystical realms of Overmortal

This distinctive fusion of ancient combat techniques and fantastical Eastern elements invites individuals into Overmortal. Within this leisurely-paced RPG, the journey of self-improvement commences effortlessly, allowing for thrilling advancements at any moment and in any place.

Overmortal auto grinding
Image via LTGames Global

Commencing as novice Taoist practitioners, players will initiate their transformative expedition from the world of mortals. They will embrace the diverse routes of personal refinement, surmounting the boundaries of mere humanity through enduring trials. While traversing through breathtaking landscapes, opportunities will arise to form bonds with immortals and unveil the enigma shrouding their own existence.

Overmortal introduces a new dimension to idle game progression

The art style of Overmortal stands apart from that of typical idle games, showcasing a unique blend of aesthetics and fascination. Its character design and visuals are of exceptional quality, consistently delivering unexpected and pleasing moments. However, beyond its visual allure, the game possesses a profound sense of complexity.

Overmortal quests
Image via LTGames Global

Unlike the repetitive and predetermined advancement routes found in other idle games, Overmortal presents a richer experience. Players are afforded the choice between Magicka and Corporia paths, the opportunity to acquire various skill sets, and the ability to personalize their skill loadout, encompassing options like shields, debuffs, single-target assaults, and area-of-effect attacks.

Immerse yourself in Overmortal’s dynamic daily quests

Delve into the realm of Overmortal, where a plethora of unforeseen quests awaits each day. Within this domain, one might find themselves aiding the Gardener in fending off menacing creatures, attending to the Shifu’s immediate assignments, or even engaging in debates or duels initiated by peripatetic Taoist wanderers. Anticipate a daily dose of excitement and suspense as unexpected twists lie in wait around every corner of this extraordinary world.

While numerous idle games confine players in isolation, Overmortal distinguishes itself by offering an opportunity to engage with friends through diverse social and interactive elements. Players have the option to establish a Sect, allowing them to convene their friends, partake in collaborative quests, and participate in Sect competitions. Working collectively, they will propel their Sect to new heights. As specific in-game events are unlocked, players can additionally form teams with their friends to challenge Taoists on different servers.

In honor of its official launch in Europe and North America, a unique Skin Set called The Unfettered is being unveiled exclusively for players located in these regions. This exclusive set features a stylish and streamlined design in striking red and black hues, giving players an aura of mysterious intensity. By participating in the Welcome Carnival events, players will also have the opportunity to obtain the trial Skin at no cost. Overmortal is now available for download in select regions on Android and iOS.

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