Path of Ra: Oneiric Tales’s new puzzle title is now available for Android and iOS

The ingenious puzzle platformer Path of Ra, created by Oneiric Tales, has just been released on Android and iOS. In the video game Path of Ra, players are entrusted with helping a strong Pharaoh who, upon awakening after passing away, discovers that he has turned into a hieroglyph on the walls of his own tomb. Players will get to solve the more than 60 original riddles, each one inspired by the stunning hieroglyphic frescoes of the Pyramids, in order to learn the details of his demise.

Path of Ra will take a journey into Ancient Egypt as you’ve never seen it before

Experience Ancient Egypt in a way you’ve never experienced before. Players must rotate tiles to form a path in each puzzle in the game Path of Ra. The pharaoh can gather bits of his heart along these roads.

Path of Ra available
Image via Oneiric Tales

Players will have a better understanding of the pharaoh’s life narrative and the plot will come together as more pieces are collected. Path of Ra is a simple game that invites players of all ages to challenge their intelligence by solving the ancient pyramid’s puzzles. Here are the key features of this game:

  • Magnificent Egyptian Setting: Explore a large pyramid, solving hieroglyphic puzzles and assisting a Pharaoh to gather pieces of his heart.
  • Detailed Cinematics: What happened to the Pharaoh? How did he pass? The more puzzles you solve the more information you’ll glean and have revealed to you through beautiful cinematic cutscenes.
  • Over 60 Unique Puzzles: Perfect for players of all ages, Path of Ra’s puzzles are solved through simple swipes. Move the tiles around to help the Pharaoh reach a piece of his heart. 
  • Original Soundtrack: Immerse yourself in Ancient Egypt with Path of Ra’s unique soundtrack. Enjoy a mystical, fantastical atmosphere as you solve the game’s puzzles. 

As players venture through the final resting place of the King of Egypt, they’ll unlock stunning cinematics that will slowly reveal more and more about the Pharaoh’s life. What were the circumstances of his death? Who exactly was he before he became a part of the pyramid’s artwork? All will be revealed as players take on the game’s many tile puzzles. Enthusiastic players can download the game from Google Play Store for Android devices or Apple App Store for iOS devices.

Are you excited as Path of Ra is now available on Android and iOS? Let us know in the comments below!

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