Path of Titans introduces the Night Stalker update with new and deadly skills

Unleashing terror in the dark!

Alderon Games announced that the closed beta Founder’s Edition of Path of Titans has received the Night Stalker Update. In this latest release, carnivores have been bestowed with a range of lethal abilities, which will significantly alter the dynamics of encounters at watering holes, particularly when conducted under the veil of darkness.

The Night Stalker update brings new abilities for small and midsized carnivores after dark

In this update, new abilities like Midnight Hunter and Night Stalker are introduced to enhance the enigmatic and exhilarating nature of nighttime dinosaur battles. When it comes to small and midsized carnivores, their effectiveness will be heightened during dark encounters with over ten fresh and upgraded abilities. For instance, The Call of the Night Terrors will grant the Latenivenatrix improved stamina recovery and damage, establishing it as the ultimate predator.

Taking inspiration from nocturnal scenes at watering holes in the African wilderness, this update intensifies the competition along the water’s edge. Raptors lurking in the shadows and aquatic carnivores acquire new skills, making the long nights around watering holes teeming with danger.

Path of Titans Night Stalker
Image via Alderon Games

As the game expands its selection of playable dinosaur species, the underlying principle of “Turnabout is fair play” is embraced, which includes party versus party combat. Consequently, this update incorporates enhancements to the questing and party system, allowing party members to stack abilities.

Nine species receive over ten new abilities in Path of Titans

The Night Stalked update has increased the count of species receiving remodels and new animations in 2023 to seven thus far. Among the 30 species currently available in the game, nine have been equipped with over ten new abilities, ensuring a balanced experience.

Notably, the Alioramus, Suchomimus, Camptosaurus, and Latenivenatrix have all undergone enhancements in their textures, animations, and movement. Furthermore, there are plans to update more character models in the near future.

Alderon Games, in collaboration with the Path of Titans community, has fostered a thriving and inclusive modding community. This update introduces seven new dinosaurs created by modders, including Quetzacoatlus and Sachicasaurus. Additionally, players can explore three new maps and enjoy various other diverse mod features.

The upcoming months promise further updates, encompassing combat improvements, enhanced effects, an in-game soundtrack, quests, and many other exciting additions. For additional information, players can visit the official Path of Titans website.

Are you excited about the Path of Titans Night Stalker update? Let us know in the comment section below!

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