Peridot: Niantic’s latest AR game is now available globally on Android and iOS

Ready to take care of your virtual pets?

Niantic, the creator of the Pokemon GO game, has stretched into a number of odd social gaming experiments on smartphones, some involving walking and Pikmin and others involving sleep. Peridot, a new augmented reality game that uses your phone to project a virtual pet friend into the real world,is now available globally on Android and iOS and promises to foster some type of social interaction through pet care.

Peridot is a new real-world augmented reality mobile game from Niantic that will now release globally for all devices. It allows players to care for, raise, and breed charming one-of-a-kind creatures. In this game, Peridots have been in slumber for thousands of years. Now they are waking up to a world that is significantly different from the one in which they once roamed and they’ll need help to save them from extinction.

Explore the world and fulfill the desire of your Peridot in this new game

When Dots reach adulthood, Keepers can collaborate to breed a new generation of Dots, expanding the species. Each Dot in the “Perigenetics” system is procedurally generated with 100% unique DNA, creating a wide range of creature appearances. More variations exist than there are stars in the universe or sand grains on all the beaches on Earth combined.

Peridot beta download play image cover, Peridot game available
Image via Niantic

By hatching new Dots, you can gradually learn about Peridot Archetypes, acquire uncommon Attributes, and uncover Personality traits. Discover a wide variety of creature appearances, including Archetypes that mimic both mythological and real creatures, such as the Yeti, Ram, Unicorn, Peacock, and Cheetah. More Archetypes will be added over time and during special gaming events. Work together with other players to find uncommon Characteristics, some of which are much rarer and more difficult to obtain.

“Peridot brings future-looking technology and meets people where they are today, packaged in a fun, whimsical pet experience,” says Kellee Santiago, Head of Production at Niantic. “But the magic really happens when players connect with each other in order to hatch new Dots. I can’t wait for the world to become populated with these unique, fantastical pets – each one the by-product of one human connecting with another human. My hope is that Peridot can help us all rediscover some whimsy with one another.”

Peridot Release, Peridot game available
Image via Niantic

Peridot uses the company’s Lightship AR platform to create an immersive augmented reality gaming experience. Real-time mapping, obstacle occlusion, and semantic segmentation are just a few of the innovations made possible by years of computer vision and AI research that allow Peridots to interact with their environment in a surprisingly realistic manner while also evolving over time.

For instance, your Dot will find your couch and settle in for an evening sleep there. Even TV screens can be recognised by it, and Dots won’t be afraid to express their opinions to you if they interfere with their daily walk schedule. Peridot is available worldwide today on the App Store and Google Play.

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