Peridot: Niantic’s latest AR game will release globally on May 9

Niantic, the creator of the Pokemon GO game, has stretched into a number of odd social gaming experiments on smartphones, some involving walking and Pikmin and others involving sleep. Peridot, a new augmented reality game that uses your phone to project a virtual pet friend into the real world, is set to release globally on May 9 and promises to foster some type of social interaction through pet care.

Peridot is a new real-world augmented reality mobile game from Niantic that will now release globally for all devices. It allows players to care for, raise, and breed charming one-of-a-kind creatures. In this game, Peridots have been in slumber for thousands of years. Now they are waking up to a world that is significantly different from the one in which they once roamed and they’ll need help to save them from extinction.

Players will get to raise their own Peridots (also known as Dots) and accompany them in their journey from infancy to adulthood. Players will discover more about their cute new friends as they explore the world with them. you will get to establish a bond with them as they nurture and play with them, and collaborate with other players to diversify their species as they explore the globe with their Dots.

Explore the world and fulfill the desire of your Peridot in this new game

The main game mechanism is to care for and nurture your Peridot as it grows from a baby to an adult. You can do this by petting, playing with, and training your Peridot, and it will receive experience points and develop as a result of your actions.

Each Peridot is one-of-a-kind in this game. They are all distinct in many ways, much like humans, in terms of their physical appearance, personality traits, likes and dislikes, and abilities. Each Peridot has its own genetic makeup. The breeding mechanism, which is based on how DNA works in real life, combines the best of handcrafted components with procedural generation to produce a breathtaking diversity of unique species.

Peridot Release
Image via Niantic

The game encourages players to explore the universe, and one of the key features is the desire system, in which their creature will have desires that they must assist it in fulfilling. This is a fun and engaging way to encourage users to engage in real-world social relationships by exploring, exercising, and engaging in them. For example, a creature might crave a brief walk, a visit to a nearby area of interest, or a bite of a blue tomato. Players may assist their Dot growth by fulfilling their desires.

The creature will be ready to breed once it reaches adulthood. The goal is to diversify the species, and the game is designed to motivate players to try to breed in order to produce new archetypes. There are a plethora of options for these archetypes, including Unicorn, Peacock, Cheetah, Ram, Rabbit, Clownfish, and a plethora of others. Adult Peridots breed at “Habitats,” which are points of interest in the area where they live.

Image via Niantic

To breed in Peridot when it will release globally, players must use Nests, which are foraged materials found in Habitats. Some nests have the ability to alter specific traits, such as a Cheetah Pattern Nest, resulting in a kid with cheetah patterning. Some nests alter just one trait, while others mutate several, and the rarity of each nest varies. Players can strategize how to obtain particular archetypes or look for the next generation by employing these mutator nests. It may take several generations of breeding to attain the more unusual archetypes.

Niantic’s Lightship ARDK technology makes the Peridot appear very real

Peridot is a camera-based AR game that allows players to immerse themselves in a way that is only possible thanks to Niantic’s Lightship ARDK technology. Dots are perceptive, recognizing a variety of real-world surfaces including soil, sand, water, grass, and plants. When your Dot forages on one of these surfaces, it will collect various edibles, such as kelp from the ocean or prickly beets from the sand.

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