Peridot starts beta testing in selected regions: Here’s how to download and play

Fall in love with unique magical pets!

Peridot, Niantic‘s latest real-world augmented reality mobile game has started its closed beta testing in selected regions. Peridot enables users to take care of, raise, and produce unique and fascinating creatures. In the game, the players nurture their own Peridots (also known as Dots) and travel with them from infancy to adulthood. As they travel the world with their adorable new buddies, players will learn to play with them, care for them, and interact with other players to diversify their species. Recently Peridot has been available to download and play as a closed beta in Malaysia, Singapore, Norway, and Denmark.

Gameplay Overview

In this game, each Peridot is unique. Similar to people, they are all unique in many aspects, including their physical characteristics, personality traits loves, and dislikes. Every Peridot has a unique genetic composition.

Maintaining and nurturing your Peridot as it develops from a baby to an adult is the major game mechanic. This can be accomplished by caressing, entertaining, and training your Peridot; as a result, it will get experience points and grow.

The breeding method, which is based on how DNA functions in real life, blends procedural generation with the best aspects of handcrafted components to create an astounding diversity of distinctive species. The desire system, which requires players to help their creature achieve its desires, is one of the game’s primary aspects that drives players to explore the universe.

Peridot gameplay
Image via Niantic

Discovering, practicing, and participating in real-world social relationships, is a fun and interesting tool to inspire people to do so. For instance, a creature might yearn for a quick stroll, a trip to a neighboring attraction, or a bite of a blue tomato. By granting their wishes, players can help their Dot grow.

When will Peridot globally release

The developers are yet to announce an official release date yet. With the beta test already ongoing, Peridot is not far away from an early access release. The game has been conducting soft launch beta tests since last April 2022 for both Android and iOS. We can surely expect Niantic to release the game by sometime early next year if everything goes according to plan.

Step by Step guide to download and play Peridot beta in any country

As Peridot opens for a beta release, players around the globe can download and have a look at what the game offers. But, during the installation, some players might face problems due to country restrictions. Please follow the steps given here and you’ll be able to install and play Peridot easily. Follow these steps to get a hand on the new title with ease:

How to download Peridot on Android (APK)

  • To get the game, you need a Google Play account from Malaysia, Singapore, Norway, and Denmark.
  • Use a VPN and connect to either of the above regions. Then head over to the Google Play Store and create a new account
  • Skip the step where the Play Store asks you if you want to add a phone number. Then finish setting up the account.
  • Click here or search for Peridot to download the game.
  • Keep your VPN on to play the game when the servers are live.

The Peridot beta is only currently limited to the regions so you may face server and latency issues while playing the game on your devices. Be assured, and wait patiently as the developers are looking to release this game soon in the future. Keep checking this space as we will update any information on the game’s official release.

What is your opinion now that Peridot starts beta testing ahead of global release? Do let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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