Pikmin Bloom celebrates Valentine’s Day 2023 with “Present Sticker” Decor Pikmin

Complete all the event's special missions to win exciting rewards!

Pikmin Bloom will celebrate Valentine’s Day 2023 in style with the new “Present Sticker” Decor Pikmin. The event will be available from February 6th (Monday) 0:00 local time through February 26th (Sunday), 2023, at 23:59 local time. 

Pikmin Bloom Valentine’s Day 2023: Mission List

Try the special Valentine’s Day missions given below to get the “Present Sticker” gold seedlings:

  •  Mission 1: Plant 2000 red-colored flowers 
  •  Mission 2: Plant 3000 red-colored flowers 
  •  Mission 3: Destroy 5 mushrooms 
  •  Mission 4: Plant 1500 red plum blossoms 
  •  Mission 5: Plant 2500 red plum blossoms 
  •  Mission 6. Destroy 5 mushrooms 
  •  Mission 7: Plant 2000 red camellias 
  •  Mission 8: Plant 2000 red poinsettias 
  •  Mission 9: Plant 2000 red cyclamen 
  •  Mission 10: Destroy 5 mushrooms 
  •  Mission 11: Plant 4000 red-colored flowers 
  •  Mission 12: Plant 3000 red plum blossoms 
  •  Mission 13: Destroy 5 mushrooms 
  •  Mission 14: Plant 5000 red-colored flowers 
  •  Mission 15: Plant 4000 red plum blossoms 
  •  Mission 16: Destroy 5 mushrooms 
  •  Mission 17: Plant 2500 red camellias 
  •  Mission 18: Plant 2500 red poinsettias 
  •  Mission 19: Plant 2500 red cyclamen 
  •  Mission 20: Destroy 5 mushrooms 
Pikmin Bloom launch
Image via Niantic

Complete missions to get amazing rewards in Pikmin Bloom

The purple, white, winged, and rock “present sticker” Decor Pikmin will be the gold seedlings that players can acquire by performing event missions. To meet the 4 types of “Present Sticker” Decor Pikmin stated above, complete all 20 activities.

Players will also get gold seedlings if they take part in the weekly challenges. The “Present Sticker” Decor Pikmin in the colors red, yellow, and blue are the gold seedlings that players can get from the weekly challenges. They won’t get any gold seedlings if they give up on the task before it’s done.

During the event, red mushrooms will sprout more frequently than usual. Throughout the duration of the event, every postcard that players discover will include a Valentine’s Day design. Additionally, by inviting friends to play Pikmin Bloom, players can obtain “Present Sticker” Decor Pikmin. They will receive a gold seedling with a red, yellow, blue, purple, white, winged, or rock “Present Sticker” Decor Pikmin when your buddy begins playing the game using your code.

Image via Niantic

“Present Sticker” Decor Pikmin comes in seven different colors: red, yellow, blue, purple, white, winged, and rock. During the event period, the store will sell Valentine’s Day Gift Packs that may be mailed to friends as well as Limited Special Packs filled with useful items for the occasion.

Are you excited about the Pikmin Bloom Valentine’s Day 2023 celebrations? Let us know in the comment section below! 

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