Pine: A Story of Loss is an interactive narrative game set to launch across multiple platforms in late 2024


New York-based developer Made Up Games is all set to make their debut with Pine: A Story of Loss, a wordless interactive game which will be published by Fellow Traveller. Upon launch, you will find Pine: A Story of Loss on the Mobile, PC, and Nintendo Switch, at the end of this year 2024.

Follow a gripping narrative with Pine: A Story of Loss

From what the developers have shared, Pine is a game about love, life, and lessons of letting go. Well, to be fair, the lengthy title explains it much better. The game features beautiful artwork inspired by famous paintings and classic comics, which started from a simple sketch of Booth and grew into a touching game about dealing with loss.

In Pine, the synopsis follows the story of a woodcarver grieving his wife’s loss. He lives in the forest where they used to live. Every day he performs simple tasks, such as fetching water or planting crops. These simple activities revisit memories of his wife. He tries to make her live through beautiful wood sculptures, but this becomes an obsession. The game can be played in one or two sittings.

The game is designed to be played in one or two sessions. You’ll explore the woodworker’s world through puzzles and mini-games as you help him with his daily chores. For example, you might help him tend to his garden or gather wood for the winter. The game’s artwork is inspired by famous paintings and classic comics, so it’s really beautiful to look at.

Although we know that the game will be released in late December, no details regarding the official launch date for Pine: A Story of Loss have been announced yet. Keep an eye on official updates from the makers on their official website.

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