Pitch Clash: Konami’s new football game is now available as early access

Over the years, the sports genre was one of the most underappreciated genres in all of mobile gaming. While shooters, RPGs, and actionadventure games have seen major releases in the not-too-distant past, the sports genre really hasn’t. Despite that situation, Konami has become a household name in the gaming world especially due to its popular PES titles and its counterpart PES Mobile. Recently they announced the release of their new football mobile game, Pitch Clash. The game is currently available as early access on Google Play for Android users with the Konami poster boy Marcus Rashford as the cover star.

Gameplay Overview

Following the footsteps of its sister games, Pitch Clash boasts the same roster of more than 10,000 real licensed players from popular clubs around the world. The game mixes strategic elements from football giving your game a different outlook. You will choose from a pool of Player Cards, and enjoy the thrill of playing PvP matches against your friends and rivals from around the world. Much similar to PES Club Manager, you will step into the footsteps of a manager and make quick tactical decisions to outsmart your opponents and guide your squad to victory! In order to win, you will simply need to play the right cards at the right time.

Pitch Clash Early Release Gameplay

In the game, you will be given an initial squad of players and you will climb your way through the ranks, gathering and unlocking more and even better players on the way. More of a strategy game than real-time football, you will watch your team play from the sidelines, actually from the top, and put your tactical skills to test every time you take on the field. The game combines elements from both the PES Club Manager and PES Mobile. Similar to the playstyle of Clash Royale you will have a set of player cards for both offense and defense and use them depending on the situation,

Pitch Clash early access

Watch your players play according to your formation and tactics as you direct them from the hot seat! The game gets more and more interesting when you can anticipate the other player’s moves and change your strategy within a fraction of a second.  The more you know your opponent, the more exhilarating the matchup of strategy and football! Additionally, you can now also send new Emote Stickers to communicate with your opponents during matches.

When will Pitch Clash globally release

The developers are yet to announce an official release date yet. With the early access already ongoing, Pitch Clash is not far away from an official global launch both on Android and iOS. We can surely expect Konami to release the game sometime soon this year if everything goes according to the plan. Meanwhile, you can get a sneak peek of the game and take part in its PVE matches and test the game yourself from Google Play if you are an Android user.

With Konami at the helm, things can hardly go any wrong gameplay-wise with PES Mobile already being on the best authentic football games on mobile devices. But at the same time, it is the bugs, infamous match scripting issues, and the monetization system which the players are concerned about. With a full release scheduled sooner than later, it is yet to be seen how the PES Universe expands with its new addition. Keep checking this space as we will update any information on the game’s official release.

What is your opinion now that Konami released Pitch Clash a new football game on early access? Do let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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