Play Together announces collaboration with Korea Tourism Organization to build an in-game Korea Travel Center

In order to promote the mobile casual social network game Play Together, the CEO of the mobile game company HAEGIN, Young-il Lee has announced that the company will go for collaboration with the Korea Tourism Organization Hanoi Branch as announced by Branch Manager Jae Hoon Lee on a special promotional event. This event will highlight Korea’s most well-known tourist destinations.

The Korea Travel Center has opened its doors at the Downtown Museum in Play Together

The “Korea Travel Center” at the Downtown Museum in Play Together will display the straightforward yet attractive Hanok and open up a street brimming with customary Korean hobbies. The travel hub will advertise regional airports and traditional markets with Gyeongbokgung Palace’s Geunjeongjeon Hall serving as the backdrop.

The Korea Travel Center has reproduced the Geunjeongjeon Hall of Gyeongbokgung Palace, traditional Korean food booths, traditional sports, Korean-style garden ponds, and much more in addition to the picture of the arrival halls of Yangyang Airport and Gimhae Airport for its entry.

Play Together Korea Tourism Organization collaboration, Play Together Downtown Update
Image via HAEGIN

Play Together recreates the entire Geunjeongjeon Hall, a national treasure of Korea, as Metaverse content, and it is a truly magnificent sight to behold. In front of the Hall, an NPC (Non-Player Character) named “King” will welcome users. The interior of the Hall is embellished with media displays and posters advertising Korea’s regional airports and tourism attractions.

There will be a street where one can try out traditional Korean pastimes

Busan Ssiat Hotteok and Sokcho Chicken Gangjeong, two representative traditional Korean foods, will be sold digitally at the Hanok booth by NPC “Miss Busan,” who is dressed splendidly in a Hanbok. There will be a street nearby where one can engage in customary Korean hobbies.

Additionally, by adhering to the NPC Kang Wondirections’s at the pond inside the Korea Travel Center, one can fish Lucky Bags that randomly include Jeogoris, Pants, Coronets, and up to 6 different Hanbok items.

Since the pond is a well-liked gathering place for people to enjoy fishing, the area around the pond will be decorated with tourism-related signage as a part of Play Together Korea Tourism Organization’s collaboration with the nearby regional airports to promote Korea’s tourism business.

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