Play Together celebrates its 2nd anniversary with a special content update

Residents to receive gifts for 28 days every day as a sign of appreciation!

The mobile casual social network game “Play Together” from the mobile game developer HAEGIN has announced that it will be celebrating its 2nd anniversary with a ton of events and awards.

Collect 2nd Anniversary Coins and trade them for colorful items that commemorate the occasion

The Baby Aliens have traveled to Kaia Island with space agents from far away in space to wish to Play Together a happy second birthday. They can be found at Kaia Island’s central Plaza. Players can obtain “2nd Anniversary Coins” through bonding with the aliens or finishing the tasks given to you by agents MJ and K.

Trade 2nd Anniversary Coins for vibrant anniversary-themed things to eventually win the “Flying Saucer” that can soar through the air. Play Together with Baby Alien Pets let you have more fun with the unusual-looking Baby Aliens. Get the Baby Alien to pet you desire by speaking with Commander A in the Downtown area. You can also try your luck with the “Unidentified Egg” to see if you can succeed.

Play Together to hold a special event celebrating the anniversary by giving away items to residents

In addition, Play Together will host a unique event to honor its second anniversary. It will give out gifts to residents as a way of saying thanks. To access stuff like the Hot Air Balloon, the No Joke look, furniture, costumes, Gems, and more, residents only need to log in. A special vehicle with a 2nd Anniversary theme will be the Day 28 reward in addition to the limited edition Slime and Fox pets.

Play Together Korea Tourism Organization collaboration, Play Together Downtown Update
Image via HAEGIN

On Thursday, April 20, GAME ZONE, a brand-new location where everyone can enjoy arcade games, will hold its Downtown grand opening. Residents can play arcade games in GAME ZONE one more time after the game ends. The scores are recorded in real-time on the leaderboards. Players can visit the official Facebook community for more information on the 2nd Anniversary of Play Together.

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