Play Together collaborates with CeREELs Studio to open a virtual studio

The mobile casual social network game “Play Together” have revealed their “CeREELs Studio” collaboration with Chungdahm Media, according to mobile game developer HAEGIN.

Visitors can watch animations and observe the moving characters from CeREELs Studio

The new CeREELs Studio is situated in Kaia Island’s Downtown region. NPC “Bird” has been assigned to guide guests there. Visitors to the studio can watch short animations of three of their most well-known films, including Ella Gator, Three Eyes, and Halley & the Comets. They can also observe the moving objects of the characters that the studio has developed.[0]=AZWFci7OomqQ5BScaI8I71_lB2wTFD38eesfl7ByOlDxf0G-fLrEXBVht4a1f1tw1Rvhtp30K7DowmsEtEtpAPtIcSbapIlV3Tw9LrsxGCsWCrR1xC-aYqH67ShPfLk1beU6z4LalpKlETslZ8Tgiu1CoT2llnQ8ogOKayHTBW0qUOyAEVa-KotV0BanHizkb40&tn=%2CO%2CP-R

Additionally, first-time visitors can get a souvenir t-shirt with the studio insignia printed on it. Additionally, there are figurines of “Ella” from Ella Gator and “Mu” from Three Eyes as well as images depicting the world from which these characters come. When activated, the figures do things like sing or breathe flames. Last but not least, as part of this joint venture, missions, and rewards are also planned.

Play Together CeREELs Studio
Image via HAEGIN

The collaboration between Haegin and Chungdahm, according to HAEGIN, “goes beyond games and aims to provide a variety of metaverse-centric entertainment with animation and characters.” Haegin also stated that the two companies would “continue working together to present the residents of Kaia Island with more content” in the future.

Chungdahm Media aims to go beyond English-language animation with narrative and music

Chungdahm Media, meanwhile, has ambitions beyond producing English-language short-form animated videos with storytelling and music. The business intends to transition to transmedia storytelling with print publications, NFTs, metaverse music content, etc. based on a strong global following of a young generation of media trend-savvy fans. The animated series Ella Gator, which has received over 60 million views and has six seasons accessible on the official CeREELs Studio YouTube channel, stands out among the many creations of the company.

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