Play Together introduces new Gathering and Crafting System with its latest update

Cute and little "LINE FRIENDS minini" debut at LINE FRIENDS Store!

The mobile casual social network game Play Together by HAEGIN has added a new gathering and crafting system with its latest update.

All over Kaia Island, from the Plaza to the Camping Ground and even Downtown and in the neighborhood of homes, ore veins have begun to appear. Now, anyone with a pickaxe or hammer can mine and collect items from the ore veins.

The Kaia Workshop is a place where players can craft items, most notably costumes, and furniture. They can also exchange collected materials (rubies, diamonds, and ore of iron, copper, silver, and gold, as well as gold, silver, and ruby ores) for in-game currency. Each attempt allows for the creation of up to three items, and the time required to complete each item varies.

Play Together introduces the cute little “LINE FRIENDS minini” along with the Gathering and Crafting system

Missions for dealing with meteorites that fall from the sky will also be planned. Players must finish them to receive the enigmatic “Crypticium. This can then be crafted into various items like a lamp, chair, suit, cape, and more.

Play Together Gathering and Crafting system
Image via HAEGIN

The cute little “LINE FRIENDS minini” will be introduced to Kaia Island at the LINE FRIENDS Store as part of a new partnership with the digital IP platform IPX (formerly LINE FRIENDS). On their first visit to the updated virtual store, customers will receive a sweet “lenini Balloon.” The former LINE FRIENDS section will now be devoted to the LINE FRIENDS minini. The “lenini Costume,” “dnini Fishing Rod,” and “minini Express,” among other new LINE FRIENDS products, will also be unveiled.

Play Together Gathering and Crafting system
Image via HAEGIN

Players can visit the official forum for more information about the new update featuring the gathering and crafting system and the LINE FRIENDS minini update. They can also follow the official Play Together Facebook page.

What are your thoughts about the new Gathering and Crafting system in Play Together? Let us know in the comment section below!

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