Playing Kafka is a narrative-driven adventure title that gets an official launch on Mobile and PC

Narratives to beat!

Playing Kafka is the latest launch in the adventure category, bringing a mix of narrative-driven, puzzle, and interactive fiction to your Android, iOS, and PC screens. The game is an offering from Charles Games, who is known for the critically acclaimed game Beecarbonize.

Playing Kafka revolves around a compelling story with fully-voiced visuals

Playing Kafka is an immersive adventure game that delves into the surreal world inspired by German Novelist Franz Kafka’s works. Speaking of the plot, one morning, despite doing nothing wrong, you’re arrested. At work, familiar faces are replaced by strangers, and a pervasive sense of guilt haunts you.

Playing Kafka gameplay
Image via Charles Games

The game features fully voiced really neat visuals, bringing that eerie and suspenseful feeling as you play. Your choices shape the narrative, leading to different outcomes. Engage in atmospheric puzzles and make important decisions that influence the storyline. The drag-and-drop gameplay brings characters and environments to life, providing approximately 1.5 hours of rich, ever-changing content.

The narrative thrusts you into an unfair trial, an ambiguous job, and the oppressive presence of your father. The branching story is based on Kafka’s The Trial, The Castle, and Letter to His Father. Overall, the game blends existential themes with interactive storytelling, creating a reflective and engaging adventure that captures the essence of Kafka’s unique literary style.

If you find the premise interesting, mobile players can head to the Google Play Store and App Store to download the game for free on their Android and iOS devices respectively, and following the Playing Kafka launch on PC, you can get the game via Steam too.

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