Pokemon GO brings Routes feature along with a new legendary Pokemon

Pokemon GO is getting a brand-new, exciting feature from Niantic called Routes. The first piece of user-generated content that can be added to the game on a large scale is Routes. With this new feature, in-game routes will be introduced that take players from location to location, ideally with interesting encounters and fascinating vistas along the way.

Players will be rewarded for walking the game’s Routes in Pokemon GO

To get players moving and learning about new places, Pokémon GO’s routes are made to resemble an in-game walking tour by connecting PokéStops and Gyms in inventive ways. As trainers explore other players’ inventions, the game’s Routes will reward players by giving them more XP, Buddy Candy, and other goodies.

Image via Niantic

Trainers can design routes to indicate a picturesque route you can go on your Pokemon GO trip, or they can make routes to illustrate the optimal route to follow to catch particular Pokemon. You only need to scroll over to the Routes tab if you’re curious to check what other Routes users have developed. Here, you can browse a huge variety of Routes made by other Pokémon GO players.

How to create a Route in Pokemon GO

If you play Pokemon GO and have a truly unique Route that you prefer to follow, you can share it with other players. It’s almost as easy to create a Route as it is to select one.

You should first pick a Pokestop or Gym as your starting point when making a Route for the Pokemon GO community. When that happens, you can start recording and planning your route. When you have completed designing your set path, you should complete any remaining fields and submit your route. Players won’t be able to use the Route you designed until it has been submitted and gone through review.

There are rewards available for using Routes, albeit not everyone will make new ones for users to test. Among the benefits include the ability to acquire Buddy Candy more quickly, extra XP, and even a Buddy Heart for your current companion Pokemon after finishing a Route.

Pokemon GO Routes
Image via Niantic

Zygarde Cells are a brand-new item that players can find on Routes. The “Order Pokémon” Zygarde will now be available in Pokémon Go as part of the “From A to Zygarde” Special Research narrative. When caught, that Zygarde will be fairly weak, but it can be strengthened with Zygarde Cells (kept in a Zygarde Cube) to modify Zygarde’s form. Niantic asserts that Zygarde can outclass fellow Legendary Pokémon Xerneas or Yveltal in its Full Forme.

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