Pokemon GO fan suggests an Appraisal idea that could help in assessing Pokemon

The Appraisal modification idea was posted by a fan on Reddit!

A Pokemon GO player has suggested a change to the game’s Appraisal system to simplify the process of assessing the potential of a Pokemon in the game. The idea for modifying the feature was posted on Reddit by a user named Moumantai. that could prove to be a huge quality-of-life improvement for players looking to transfer their old Pokemon.

The Appraisal system is a feature in the game that offers players a quick way to know the strength of their Pokemon’s stats. This knowledge helps players in keeping the strongest Pokemon in their collection. Recently, many players have criticized the current system for making the process of transferring multiple Pokemon a hectic task.

What is the Appraisal system in Pokemon GO

During special events in the game like Community Days, players rack up many new Pokemon in their arsenal. Players with a growing roster of Pokemon combined with a growing roster find it difficult to keep multiple Pokemon in a  limited storage space in the game.

In order to keep the best Pokemon in their roster, players need to appraise Pokemon to pick out their stats and it takes a lot of time to inspect each new Pokemon. A player can analyze a Pokemon’s competitive viability by checking a Pokemon’s IV and star rating which are shown by the Appraisal system.

Reddit user’s suggestions can simplify the Appraisal system in Pokemon GO

Reddit user Moumantai has suggested a major change that would simplify Pokemon GO’s Appraisal system in a manner that will allow players to quickly check stats. The modification has been coined “Quick Appraisal” by Moumantai and it would give players an idea of a Pokemon’s stats right from the Pokemon screen. Players will be able to see a Pokemon’s IVs and star rating right away which would allow them to quickly select weaker Pokemon to transfer out.

Pokemon GO Appraisal idea
Image via Niantic

This will remove the trouble of checking each creature’s individual stats. As of now, Pokemon GO’s “Mass Transfer” function does not show any stats aside from Combat Power when selecting Pokemon to transfer. Recently, many players have suggested changes to improve the UI of the popular game. Changes such as Pokemon GO’s item bag system, Remote Raids, and increased radiuses for PokeStops have been implemented in the game by Niantic.

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